10 Steps for Starting a Cannabis Extraction Company

Macro photo of a cannabis concentrate.

Health Canada Greenlights Emblem Corp. Cannabis Oil Production

YouTube screenshot of the rosin technique being demonstrated.

Rosin Making Matures in the Year Following the ‘Hair Straightener Video’

Flower Sales Fall, Concentrate and Edible Sales Rise in Oregon

Oregon Launching Early Access Edibles and Concentrates Market Tomorrow, June 2

Casey Hubbs: Extraction Lab Living

Jeff Church: Adding Terpenes to Cannabis Products

California City Approves Turning Former Prison Into MMJ Concentrates Factory

The Hash Series: RosinTech w/Jeff Church – CannaCon 2016

What Are Cannabis Concentrates?

Smoking vs. Vaporizing Cannabis

Vancouver, B.C. Police Apologize for Mistaken Warnings Over ‘Shatter’

Chris Kelly: Bringing Medical-Grade Extracts to the Recreational Market

Jim Makoso: Pushing the Envelope in Vaporizer Technology

Jeff Church: Extraction Methods and the Rise of Rosin Tech

Cannabis Concentrates Are the Same as MMJ, CA Court Rules



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