The detail at the top of the State Capitol Building in Lansing, Michigan.

Lansing, Michigan Passes MMJ Home-Grow Ordinance

Detroit City's skyline during a pink-skied sunset.

Michigan Sheriffs Using Some MMJ Fee Funds for Dispensary Raids

Two Counties Use 67% of Michigan’s MMJ Enforcement Funds

Detroit Officials Continuing Crackdowns on Dispensaries

Image of Rick Snyder, the Governor of Michigan.

Michigan Gov. Signs MMJ Reform Package

A cannabis sample being prepped for processing by a cannabis testing facility in Michigan.

Ganjapreneur Tours: PSI Labs

Michigan Senate Approves Bills to Overhaul MMJ System

Bizarre Bazaar: Shots from the Michigan Cannabis Cup

Michigan Cannabis Cup Day 1: The Cannabis Market is Alive and Well

MI Court Rules Against Rec. Campaign’s ‘Stale’ Signatures, Appeals Planned

Cannabis Church Breaking Stereotypes Through Community Service

Michigan Legalization Campaign Sues After Petition Signatures Ruled ‘Stale’

Michigan Ballot Initiative Stalled Over ‘Old’ Signatures

Michigan’s Office of the Auditor General to Audit State Medical Cannabis Program

Michigan Court of Appeals Upholds MMJ Law Definitions

Michigan Petition Laws May Thwart Legalization Efforts

Federal Agents Raid Three Michigan Dispensaries

Detroit Advocates Challenge City Ordinances Targeting MMJ Dispensaries

Detroit Passes New Medical Dispensary Zoning Restrictions



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