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Get guaranteed exposure to the real cannabis decision-makers who read our news on a daily basis. While wire services may distribute your news widely, with thousands of releases published every day it will often get lost in the noise. When you publish through Ganjapreneur, you can ensure that your announcement is encountered by the actual industry participants you’re trying to reach. Learn about our eligibility requirements and distribution options below.

Who will see it?

Our audience consists of industry stakeholders in leadership roles throughout all facets of the cannabis and hemp/CBD industries.

These are busy professionals who you won’t reach through a mainstream wire service, and you’ll be reaching them when they are intentionally catching up on the news affecting their business, in a context they already have strong affinity for.

  • 80K-120K monthly unique visitors
  • 220K social media followers
  • 54% cannabis business owners
  • 33% cannabis investors

What does it cost?

$300 / Website Only

Published on homepage and in our announcements archive

$550 / Website + Email

Included for a full week in our daily newsletter (150K deliveries on average)

$750 / Website + Email + Social

Also published on Ganjapreneur’s Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts


  1. Your press release must be well-written with no or little editing required. AP style formatting is encouraged. If you need assistance writing your announcement, email us at
  2. No statements of opinion. Your press release must stick to facts only, and avoid opinion-leaning or overly stylistic commentary. The only exception to this is when you are citing a specific source within the announcement who expresses an opinion in the form of a quote.
  3. Newsworthy announcement. The topic of your announcement must be a specific newsworthy development, such as a new product or service launch, acquisition or merger, executive hire, fundraiser, etc.
  4. Relevant to our audience. Your announcement must be relevant to a professional cannabis industry audience.
  5. Professional in nature. Your announcement must not include unprofessional imagery, videos, or language.

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