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Welcome to our cannabis industry event calendar, where you can discover upcoming networking and brand activation opportunities, ranging from industry conferences and trade shows to local association meetups and educational seminars. Our platform also features the latest announcements and news about these events, ensuring you have all the information you need to plan, participate, and make the most of every opportunity. Whether you’re a seasoned industry professional or just beginning to explore the cannabis sector, our calendar is designed to keep you in the loop and ahead of the curve.

Featured upcoming events:

The High End

TBA NY, United States

The High End is an exclusive experience in New York City of 30-40 guests where craft (0% ABV) cocktails meet floral, herbaceous, unique and exhilarating cannabis forms. The low down on The High End is the event was curated by NYC sommelier and author, Rachael Madori, to elevate our spaces and minds about what the… Read More


ICBC Barcelona – B2B

The rich cannabis history and culture in Barcelona make it the perfect backdrop to the 2024 International Cannabis Business Conference. We have partnered with Spannabis, Europe’s top cannabis expo, to form a super-conference that is a must-attend for anyone that is serious about succeeding in the emerging cannabis industry.

NCIA Missouri Stakeholder Summit 2024

NCIA’s Stakeholder Summit Series is designed to bring together NCIA members and supporters, regulators, and elected officials to discuss the latest policy and regulatory developments on both the state and federal levels. Each event will host a wide range of programming including interactive panel discussions, intimate fireside chats, and live Q&A to provide participants the… Read More

NCIA Maryland Stakeholder Summit 2024

NCIA’s Stakeholder Summit Series is designed to bring together NCIA members and supporters, regulators, and elected officials to discuss the latest policy and regulatory developments on both the state and federal levels. Each event will host a wide range of programming including interactive panel discussions, intimate fireside chats, and live Q&A to provide participants the… Read More

NCIA Colorado Stakeholder Summit 2024

NCIA’s Stakeholder Summit Series is designed to bring together NCIA members and supporters, regulators, and elected officials to discuss the latest policy and regulatory developments on both the state and federal levels. Each event will host a wide range of programming including interactive panel discussions, intimate fireside chats, and live Q&A to provide participants the… Read More

Elevated Food and Wine Festival Northeast Experience

UFWC LOCAL 360 400 Commerce Ln, West Berlin, NJ, United States

We are putting a "twist" on Food & Wine festivals with the BEST chefs, vendors, industry leaders and professionals in this Four Twenty based tasting event! Your Experience Includes: Bringing together businesses, professionals, & buyers to highlight and educate on the industry's best food, wine, & spirits! Sample from participating food and drink vendors Live… Read More


MJ Unpacked

Hard Rock Hotel, Atlantic City, New Jersey 1000 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ, United States

MJ Unpacked is a distinctive event for nationwide license holders and accredited investors to connect, collaborate, and prepare for expansion. Attendance is exclusive to cannabis retail and brand executives, with the title manager and above, R&D professionals, and investors actively investing in the space. A limited number of ancillary companies exhibit and sponsor. What our… Read More

ICBC Berlin – B2B

Germany's cannabis market is undergoing a historic transformation and will serve as the most desirable cannabis market to be involved in going forward. As the cannabis industry capital of Europe, opportunities in Germany are unparalleled. ICBC is Europe's largest and longest-running cannabis B2B event and serves as Germany's largest annual gathering of influential cannabis political… Read More

NCIA’s 12th Annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days

Join us May 14-16, 2024 as we return in person to Washington, D.C. for NCIA’s 12th Annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days! This is your chance to unite with other NCIA members to advocate for the issues most important to small cannabis businesses and to share your personal stories with national lawmakers who need to hear… Read More

Recent news about cannabis events:

Barcelona ICBC+Spannabis Coming March

ICBC Headed to Barcelona in March

The International Cannabis Business Conference is a leading international cannabis business to business (B2B) event series, with previous conferences taking place in several countries on multiple continents. The event series is owned and operated by passionate cannabis advocates who believe in celebrating cannabis culture, in addition to providing world-class cannabis industry education and networking opportunities.… Read More

George Jage: Maximizing Value for Cannabis Trade Show Attendees & Exhibitors

In this insightful Q&A, we sit down with George Jage, co-founder of Jage Media and one of the organizers behind the popular cannabis trade show event, MJ Unpacked, coming to Atlantic City, New Jersey, this April. Having been organizing cannabis industry events for nearly a decade, George is at the forefront of convening cannabis entrepreneurs… Read More

Is Aroma An Underrated Factor In Cannabis Competitions?

Cannabis competitions are an excellent way for cannabrands to network, gain notoriety, and show off their top-shelf products. With so much incredible flower vying for attention from the judges, it’s essential to consider every aspect of your submission. My years of experience in the cannabis industry have taught me that aroma is one of the… Read More

CannaCon Detroit 2023: Where The Cannabis Industry Does Business

Detroit, MI — CannaCon Detroit, the premier event for the cannabis industry, is back and better than ever for its 2023 edition. This year’s event promises to bring together professionals, experts, and enthusiasts from all corners of the cannabis world, providing a platform for networking, learning, and exploring the latest innovations in the rapidly evolving… Read More

Cannabis Retailers Association of Vermont Announces Two-Day Music Festival Higher Calling to Support Cannabis Businesses

The Group Hopes the Superb Lineup Will Help Raise Significant Funds for Businesses Impacted by the Recent Flooding Winooski, Vermont – The Cannabis Retailers Association of Vermont (CRAV) announced a two-day music festival – Higher Calling – that will be a fundraiser for cannabis businesses in Vermont. On July 10th, Vermont suffered from devastating flooding… Read More

NECANN & Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine to Partner for 2023 Maine Cannabis Convention

The largest cannabis industry event in Maine is coming August 12-13 at the Augusta Civic Center. Presented by NECANN in partnership with the Medical Marijuana Caregivers of Maine, the event is designed specifically to help educate, promote, and develop state-wide cannabis resources and networking opportunities with 150+ exhibitors and 40+ expert speakers. Cannabis business professionals,… Read More

Top reasons to attend cannabis events:

Conferences and expos are a cornerstone in the world of business, and cannabis industry events are no different. These events present a golden opportunity for both B2B and B2C brands to gain visibility, knowledge, and connections. Participation, whether as a sponsor, exhibitor, or attendee, is not just an activity – it’s an investment into the future of your business. The cannabis sector, with its unique challenges and rapid growth, especially benefits from such gatherings. Let’s delve into four key advantages of being part of these industry events:

In-Depth Research: For professionals in the cannabis industry, these events are more than just gatherings – they are hubs of knowledge and innovation.

  • Stay Ahead of Industry Trends: Understand emerging trends, consumer preferences, and market shifts by observing and interacting with industry leaders and innovators.
  • Comprehensive Regulatory Updates: The cannabis industry is heavily regulated, and staying abreast of legal changes is crucial. These events often feature talks and workshops led by legal experts, providing attendees with crucial compliance information.
  • Explore Competitors’ Strategies and Offerings: Get an inside look into what your competitors are bringing to the table – from new product lines to marketing strategies – and use this knowledge to refine your approach.

Expansive Networking Opportunities: The value of face-to-face networking in the B2B cannabis industry cannot be overstated. These events provide a rare platform for meaningful interaction.

  • Building Lasting Business Relationships: Forge connections with industry leaders, potential clients, and suppliers in a setting that encourages open dialogue and long-term relationship building.
  • Discovering Partnerships and Collaborations: Identify potential business partners who can offer complementary services or products, opening doors to collaborative projects and joint ventures.
  • Engaging with the Cannabis Community: Immerse yourself in the cannabis community, gaining insights into the needs, challenges, and aspirations of both businesses and consumers within the industry.

Unmatched Exposure and Media Opportunities: In an industry as dynamic as cannabis, getting noticed is crucial. These events are often covered by niche media outlets, offering a unique platform for exposure.

  • Media Spotlights and Interviews: Take advantage of the presence of industry-focused media to secure interviews, spotlights, and features that can amplify your brand’s message.
  • Participation in Panels and Discussions: Establish yourself as a thought leader by engaging in panel discussions, sharing insights, and contributing to important industry dialogues.
  • Elevating Brand Presence: Utilize these events to showcase your brand’s unique value proposition to a captive audience, enhancing your market presence and visibility.

Recognition as an Industry Contributor: Your presence at these events signifies more than just participation; it marks you as a key player in the cannabis industry.

  • Showcasing Innovations and Expertise: Utilize the platform to demonstrate your products or services, highlighting your expertise and innovation in the field.
  • Establishing Thought Leadership: Position your brand as a thought leader by engaging in meaningful discussions, sharing insightful perspectives, and contributing to the growth of the industry.
  • Opening Doors for Business Growth: By making your mark at these events, you open up new avenues for business development, partnerships, and even investment opportunities.

Market Expansion and Sales Opportunities: These events can be a fertile ground for expanding your market reach and driving sales.

  • Product Launches and Demos: Launch new products and conduct live demonstrations to attract attention from potential customers and distributors.
  • Direct Sales and Lead Generation: Engage with attendees who may be potential customers, collecting leads for future sales and business development efforts.
  • Feedback and Market Testing: Get immediate feedback on your products or services from a knowledgeable audience, helping you refine your offerings.

Access to Investment and Funding Sources: Many cannabis events attract investors interested in the latest industry developments.

  • Pitching to Investors: Opportunities to pitch your business to potential investors, venture capitalists, and angels who are specifically interested in the cannabis sector.
  • Networking with Financial Professionals: Meet with financial experts and advisors who can offer guidance on fundraising, financial management, and navigating the investment landscape.
  • Exploring Funding Options: Learn about various funding options available to cannabis businesses, including traditional loans, venture capital, and crowdfunding.

Trend Forecasting and Industry Insights: Stay ahead of the curve by understanding where the industry is heading.

  • Consumer Behavior Analysis: Gain insights into consumer behavior, preferences, and emerging demographics within the cannabis market.
  • Technology and Innovation Updates: Discover new technologies and innovations that are set to transform the cannabis industry.
  • Global Market Perspectives: Learn about the global cannabis market, including international trends, regulations, and opportunities for expansion.

Policy Advocacy and Legal Updates: Given the evolving legal landscape of cannabis, these events often address policy and legal aspects.

  • Regulatory Updates and Compliance: Stay informed about changes in cannabis laws and regulations to ensure your business remains compliant.
  • Advocacy and Lobbying Efforts: Engage in discussions about advocacy and lobbying efforts that are shaping the industry’s future.
  • Legal Expertise and Resources: Access legal experts and resources to navigate the complex legal challenges in the cannabis industry.

By tapping into these benefits, cannabis industry professionals can significantly boost their brand’s profile, stay ahead of market trends, and forge invaluable connections that pave the way for future success and growth. These events are more than just dates on a calendar; they are pivotal moments that can shape the trajectory of your cannabis business.