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The Ganjapreneur Podcast

The Ganjapreneur Podcast

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Jim McAlpine: Crushing the ‘Lazy Stoner’ Stereotype with Cannabis Athletics

One of the most frequent and well-known labels applied to cannabis users is that of the “lazy stoner” — the idea […]

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Fleurish Farms: Perfecting Sungrown Indoor Cannabis

It takes a lot of energy to grow cannabis indoors, and as the legal industry has gained momentum, much attention […]

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Danielle Keane: The 2016 Cannabis Legalization Opportunity

Danielle Keane is the Political Director of NORML, the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. She recently joined […]

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Kenny Morrison: Firing Up in California

Kenny Morrison is the founder and CEO of VCC Brands (formerly known as the Venice Cookie Company), a California-based cannabis edibles producer. […]

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Kirsten Nelson: Reaching Your Cannabis Customer

Kirsten Nelson is co-founder of cannabis branding agency Blunt Branding, a Pacific Northwest marketing firm dedicated to the cannabis industry. […]

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Evan Carter: Building a Dope Lifestyle Magazine

Evan Carter is the co-founder and President of Dope Magazine, a cannabis and lifestyle monthly that is distributed across the United […]

Aeron Sullivan: Creating a Wholesale Cannabis Marketplace

Aeron Sullivan is the founder of Tradiv, an online marketplace for wholesale licensed cannabis in Colorado. Tradiv has been recognized […]

Dr. Ethan Russo: Endocannabinoid Nutrition

In this week’s podcast episode, Dr. Ethan Russo — one of our earliest and most esteemed guests — returns to the show […]

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Grandma Cat Jeter: The Rise and Demise of Medical Cannabis in Washington

Cat Jeter is the founder of Deep Green, an award-winning full plant extracts manufacturer in Washington State. She recently joined […]

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Max Montrose: Budtender Best Practices

If cannabis normalization is a battle, budtenders are on the front lines. From seasoned tokers who are looking for nuanced […]


Tad Hussey: Aerated Compost Teas

Tad Hussey, founder of KIS Organics, recently joined our podcast host Shango Los for the third part of his three-part […]


Casey Hubbs: Extraction Lab Living

Casey Hubbs is the extraction team leader and lab manager at Orgrow, a licensed cannabis producer and processor based out […]

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Mowgli Holmes: Creating the Cannabis Family Tree

Mowgli Holmes is the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Phylos Bioscience, a cannabis genomics firm whose mission includes telling the […]

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Jim MacRae: Cannabis Business Intelligence

Jim MacRae is the founder of Straight Line Analytics, a cannabis industry consulting and advisory firm which gathers available data […]

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Michael Gordon: Cannabis Tourism

Michael Gordon is the co-founder of Kush Tourism, a national cannabis tour company. When Washington and Colorado voted to legalize cannabis in 2012, […]


Dr. Greg Gerdeman: Human Endocannabinoid System Awareness

Dr. Greg Gerdeman is an assistant professor of biology at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, whose research has focused […]

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Jeff Church: Adding Terpenes to Cannabis Products

Jeff Church is the Vice President of Research and Process Development at Thinc Pure, a leading extracts manufacturer in Washington […]

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Tad Hussey: Building Your Own Soil

Tad Hussey of Keep It Simple Organics was recently a guest on the Ganjapreneur.com podcast, and he and our host […]

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Mitzi Vaughn: Interstate Cannabis Brand Development

Mitzi Vaughn is the managing attorney for Greenbridge Corporate Counsel, a business law firm that works exclusively with cannabis industry […]


Joy Beckerman: The Future Hemp Economy

Joy Beckerman is the founder of Hemp Ace, in addition to being a nationally-recognized industrial hemp activist and expert. As […]

Colin Bell: From Academic to Entrepreneur

Colin Bell, PhD. is the co-founder, co-inventor, and chief growth officer of Growcentia, a manufacturer of organic soil supplements designed to minimize environmental […]


Tad Hussey: Wild-Crafted Probiotic Nutrients

Tad Hussey is the manager of Keep it Simple Organics, an organic soil provider, edible nursery, and hydroponics shop based […]

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Mark Hubbard: Consumer Safety and Standards for Commercial Cannabis

Mark Hubbard is co-founder of Integrity Labs, a licensed cannabis analysis & testing laboratory in Washington. He recently joined our […]

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Tom Burns: Cannabis Business Philosophy

Tom Burns originally went to college to study engineering. Instead, he wound up becoming a yogi with a desire to […]


Ken “K” Morrow: Learning from Trichome Technologies

Ken “K” Morrow of Trichome Technologies has been at the forefront of cannabis horticulture for decades. His writing has appeared […]

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Martin Lee: Educating the Public About Medical Cannabis

Martin Lee is co-founder and director of the California-based Project CBD, a nonprofit dedicated to the promotion and publication of […]

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Mike West: Understanding Hemp-Derived CBD

Mike West is an advocate, researcher, and entrepreneur in the world of cannabis and hemp. Currently he serves as the […]

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Bubbleman: Inspiring Innovation in the World of Hash

Marcus Richardson, AKA Bubbleman, is founder of Fresh Headies Ltd. — the international distributor of the acclaimed Bubble Bag, which both popularized […]

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Bamboo: Preserving Landrace Cannabis Genetics

Bamboo is the co-founder of Coastal Seed Company, where he is a landrace and heirloom cannabis preservationist. He is currently […]

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Chris Horyn: Micro-Producers are Vital

As the tide of legalization rolls forward and retail markets are established and regulated by state governments, what will become of […]

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Andrew Rosener: Investing in Cannabis Domain Names

Andrew Rosener is the founder and CEO of Media Options, one of the world’s leading domain name brokerages, having bought and […]

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Jeremy Moberg: The Benefits of Sun-Grown Cannabis

Jeremy Moberg is the owner of CannaSol Farms and an outspoken advocate for sun-grown cannabis. He is also the president […]

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Alen Nguyen: Creating a Cannabis Industry Distributorship

Alen Nguyen is the CEO of Green Thumb Industries, one of the first B2B distributors in the cannabis industry. As more […]

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Eric Brandstad: Using Light Deprivation to Alter Flowering Cycles

Eric Brandstad is the founder of Forever Flowering Greenhouses and a pioneer of light deprivation techniques for cannabis growers. Light deprivation […]

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Ethan Nadelmann: How Drug Policy Shapes the Cannabis Industry

Ethan Nadelmann is the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, the leading organization in the United States […]

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Jonah Tacoma: Spectacle Marketing and Cannabis

If the cannabis industry has produced any rock stars, Jonah Tacoma is one of them. Jonah is the founder of […]

Shane Young: Controlling Pests with Beneficial Insects

Shane Young is the founder of Natural Enemies, an Oregon-based distributor of beneficial insects that serve as natural pest management for […]

Reggie Gaudino: Patenting Strains & the Future of Cannabis Intellectual Property

Reggie Gaudino is Vice President of Scientific Operations and the Director of Intellectual Property at Steep Hill, a national leader in […]

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John Davis: A Hands-On Approach to Changing Cannabis Policy

John Davis, founding member and current executive director of the Coalition for Cannabis Standards and Ethics, has been a stalwart in […]

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Morgan Kristine: Empowering Women in the Cannabis Industry

Morgan Kristine is president of the Marijuana Business Association and founder of the MJBA Women’s Alliance. She is also a […]

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