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  • Investors & Venture Capital

    Find investors and capital networks to raise funds for your cannabis startup.

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping

    For taxes and record-keeping, choose an accountant who specializes in cannabis.

  • Banking & Payments

    Find cannabis-friendly banks and finanacial services for your business.

  • Cannabis Lawyers

    Legal representation is absolutely essential for plant-touching operators.

  • Consulting Firms

    Hire a cannabis business consultant to set you on the right path.

  • Market Research

    Find providers of cannabis industry market data and research.

  • Real Estate

    Resources to help you find properly-zoned real estate for rent or sale.

  • Business Loans

    Using loans to finance your business can be a way to avoid giving up equity.


  • Indoor Grow Lights

    Learn about the top indoor grow lights used by cannabis cultivators.

  • Soil & Nutrients

    Find everything you need to grow ideal cannabis flowers, from your medium to the nutrients you use.

  • Cultivation Equipment

    Learn about different cultivation technology & equipment manufacturers.

  • Greenhouses & Facilities

    Find experienced specialists to help plan and construct your production facility.

  • Environmental Remediation

    Get acquainted with the various environmental remediation services available to cannabis cultivators.

  • Automation & Software

    Explore different software and hardware solutions for grow optimization and automation.

  • Pest Management

    Find and browse service providers for your pest management workflow.

  • Grow Supply Wholesale

    Outfitting a new facility? These wholesale providers can help you with many of your needs.



  • Branding Agencies

    Starting fresh, or looking to re-brand? Connect with a cannabis branding agency.

  • Website Development

    Every business needs an online home: find a specialist to help build your abode.

  • SEO & Social Media

    Browse third-party providers of social media and search optimization services.

  • Advertising Solutions

    Advertising agencies and partners who can help you execute a successful campaign or launch.

  • Digital Ad Platforms

    Learn about PPC or CPM placements with independent ad networks focused on cannabis.

  • Marketing Software

    Browse qualified cannabis industry marketing software solutions.

  • Public Relations

    Build your reputation with PR firms who are familiar with the cannabis landscape.

  • Photo & Video

    Content is king: find cannabis-focused creators who know your target audience.


  • Retail POS Systems

    Browse qualified dispensary point of sale solutions to keep your shop running smoothly.

  • Cash Management

    Mitigate risk of theft and fraud with these different options for onsite cash management.

  • Interior Design

    Connect with interior design and retail experience specialists for your dispensary.

  • Delivery Apps & Services

    Browse cannabis delivery services and apps that are available in some markets.

  • Online Ordering & Loyalty

    Online ordering and loyalty program solutions for cannabis retail establishments.



  • Security Solutions

    Protect your investment with a facilities security and armored cash transit solution.

  • Staffing & Recruiting

    Build your team with a knowledgeable cannabis industry recruiting partner.

  • HR & Employee Benefits

    Retain your talent and inspire loyalty with qualified HR and benefits providers.

  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Find qualified providers of diversity, equity, and inclusion consulting services.

  • Testing Labs

    Find cannabis testing labs & learn about testing equipment and methodologies.

  • Compliance Management

    Maintain compliance with a qualified consultant or automated solution.

  • Business Software

    Software for smooth operations, from business intelligence to enterprise resource planning.

  • Seed-to-Sale Software

    Learn about the various seed-to-sale traceability platforms on the market.

  • Cannabis Business Insurance

    Find insurance providers who can address the specific needs of your business.



  • Medical Card Resources

    Learn about theraputic and medical cannabis use, and the various state programs that are available.

  • Activism Resources

    Learn about and contribute to the political organizations that have fought the battle of legalization for decades.

  • Educational Apps & Tools

    Learn about theraputic and medical cannabis use, and discover different products and brands.

  • Training & Education

    Learn about the courses and certifications that are available to cannabis professionals.

  • Magazines & Publications

    There are a variety of magazines and publications that focus on cannabis cultivation, culture, and business.

  • Seed Banks

    Learn about specific strains and cultivars for your own research purposes.

Consumer Focus

  • Vaporizer Brands

    Browse the top vaporizer brands and manufacturers for an alternative to smoking.

  • Hemp & CBD Products

    Browse online marketplaces and brands that sell CBD direct to consumer.

  • Online Headshops

    Find the perfect glass centerpiece for your coffee table via these ecommerce platforms.

  • Consumer Gear & Tech

    Browse innovative consumer technology, storage containers, and gadgets for connoisseurs.

  • Apparel & Lifestyle Brands

    Find cannabis lifestyle brands for industry-themed apparel and accessories.

  • Home Grow Resources

    Learn about home growing technology, all-in-one kits, and educational resources.

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