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Cannabis-Friendly Business Services

Getting Started

  • Cannabis Investors

    Find the right angel investor or VC firm to partner with for your next cannabis industry start-up.

  • Cannabis Business Lawyers

    Legal representation is absolutely necessary for producers and retailers who directly touch the cannabis plant.

  • Consulting Firms

    Consultants can provide key insights on all aspects of your business that will save you hassle down the road.

  • Real Estate

    Finding a cannabis-friendly location for your production or retail startup can be difficult. Real Estate agents/agencies can help you locate the ideal spot.

  • Accounting Services

    Cannabis companies are likely to be audited, so using a professional accountant & bookkeeping service is recommended.

  • Banking & Payment Processing

    Cannabis businesses have limited options when it comes to banking and payment processing: here are some services to consider.

  • Working Capital Loans

    For entrepreneurs who don't want to give up their business to investors, a small business loan can help a startup get on its feet.


  • Grow Lights

    Learn about the top indoor grow lights used by cannabis cultivators.

  • Soil & Nutrients

    Find everything you need to grow ideal cannabis flowers, from your medium to the nutrients you use.

  • Cultivation Equipment

    Learn about different cultivation technology & equipment manufacturers.

  • Extraction Equipment

    Learn about the various types of botanical extraction equipment that are available.

  • Distillation Equipment

    Find everything you need to begin producing cannabis distillates, from full systems to individual components.

  • Greenhouse & Light-Dep

    Explore different grow-site construction services and light-deprivation systems that are available to cannabis cultviators.

  • Seed Banks

    Learn about specific strains and cultivars for your own breeding endeavors.


  • Website Development

    Every business needs an online home. These companies can help build your digital presence.

  • SEO & Social Media

    Keeping in touch with your customers through social media is one of the best ways to build a loyal following.

  • Advertising Agencies

    Advertising can be especially difficult for cannabis companies: these firms can help growers/retailers establish themselves.

  • Publications

    There are a variety of magazines and publications that focus on cannabis cultivation, culture, and business.

  • Public Relations

    Taking a proactive approach to your brand's media presence can help you establish yourself as a household name.

  • Photo & Video

    There are a variety of publications that focus on cannabis cultivation, culture, and business.


  • Security & Transportation

    For retailers and producer/processors who must operate on an all-cash basis, professional security and transport solutions are necessary.

  • Staffing & Recruiting

    Recruiting firms can help you find the ideal employees to fill your open positions.

  • Testing & Compliance

    Find cannabis testing labs & learn about testing equipment and methodologies.

  • Business Software

    From POS, to seed-to-sale tracking, to industry data, business software is a must for every modern company.

  • Packaging Solutions

    Find unique packaging manufacturers & equipment to do your own packaging.

  • Cannabis Business Insurance

    Find insurance providers who can address the specific risks-management needs of your business.


  • Events & Conferences

    Connect with other entrepreneurs and learn about the latest technology and industry trends at these cannabis trade shows & events.

  • Trade Associations

    Collaboration is key if you want to build lasting business relationships: participate in trade associations to stay in the loop.

  • Political Organizations

    Learn about and contribute to the political organizations that have fought the battle of legalization for decades.

  • Training & Education

    Learn about the courses and certifications that are available to cannabis professionals.

  • Tourism & Travel

    From museums to travel agencies, tourism is a rapidly-growing niche of the cannabis industry.

  • Social Networks & Job Boards

    There are several cannabis-oriented social networking platforms and job boards catering to this industry.

Patient Focus

  • Medical Services & Resources

    Learn about theraputic and medical cannabis use.

  • Vaporizer Brands

    Vaporizers are one of the fastest-growing consumer technology verticals: learn about different brands here.

  • Hemp & CBD Products

    Find manufacturers and distributors of industrial hemp & CBD products for health, beauty, pets, and more.

  • Online Headshops

    Find boutique online headshops and wholesale distributors of glassware, vapes, and other merchandise.

  • Gear & Storage

    Find all of the unique gadgets & stash-boxes for cannabis connossieurs that the world has to offer.

  • Apparel & Lifestyle Brands

    From apparel, to media, to consumer devices, these companies focus on cannabis identity.

Growers / Producers
by state

  • California

    The first US state to legalize medical cannabis is about to launch an adult use market in 2018. From SoCal to the Emerald Triangle, learn about the top growers in beautiful California.

  • Colorado

    Learn about industry-pioneering cannabis producers in Colorado, the first US State to legalize cannabis for adult use.

  • Washington

    Find and connect with licensed I-502 producer/processors in Washington State. Washington legalized cannabis for adult use in 2013.

  • Oregon

    Find growers operating in the legal medical & adult-use industries in Oregon. Oregon voted to legalize cannabis for adult use in 2014, and their market launched in 2015.

  • Nevada

    Learn about cannabis brands and production startups in Nevada. Nevada's adult use market launched in 2017 and has seen explosive growth since its inception.

Dispensaries / Retailers
by state

  • California

    Learn about and connect with the top dispensaries, retailers, and delivery services throughout California, home to the largest cannabis market in the world.

  • Colorado

    Find medical and adult use cannabis dispensaries operating in Colorado's market. Many Colorado retailers made history as the first adult use shops ever to open in the US.

  • Washington

    Learn about the top I-502 dispensaries and retailers throughout Washington State, a market known for strict regulations on retail purchases.

  • Oregon

    Find dispensaries and retailers in Oregon, where adult use cannabis has been available since 2015. In Oregon, medical dispensaries are no longer open to adult use customers.

  • Nevada

    Learn about the retailers and dispensaries making history in Nevada, one of the fastest-growing cannabis markets in the US.

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