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CBD & hemp products are taking the world by storm as major makeup and wellness companies launch their own CBD products. These non-psychoactive tinctures, oils, balms, and salves are effective for many medical cannabis patients and continue to serve as a relevant gateway for someone newly interested in using cannabinoids. The Ganjapreneur directory serves to help anyone in cannabis connect with a company that serves their needs. Scroll below to view a directory of CBD & hemp products:

Eagle Moon Hemp

Organica Naturals CBD

Simply Crafted CBD

Colorado’s Best Drinks

Go Green Hemp

Hemp Wholesaler

GAME UP® Nutrition


Simple Leaf CBD

Rocky Mountain Extraction Services

High Purity Extractions & Equipment

Matt Rize CBD


Boston Hemp Inc

The Hemp Doctor

Healthy Prelude LLC

RedFern Biosystems, Inc.

Mitchell’s Medicinals Hemp CBD Products


Hero Brands


Hemp Depot

Bud Brothers Apothecary

Green Unicorn Farms

Diamond CBD

CBD Oil Review

CW Hemp



Cannabiva CBD



The Hemp Collect

Red Mesa Science & Refining

Herb Essentials

NuCura Life

Silver Shadow Ventures

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