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Why should my company be listed?

Startup founders, investors, and cannabis industry decision makers browse the Ganjapreneur Business Index every day in search of qualified service providers to help them run their business. If you provide services to cannabis startups, you can apply for inclusion in the Business Index by signing up for one of our subscriptions below, or by opting for a one-time verification. 


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What’s included with my subscription?

Business Profile

Your business profile puts you in front of the decision makers in our audience who are shopping for the services you offer. Featured profiles are displayed in random order at the top of each service category, and they also get additional exposure to the Ganjapreneur audience, appearing in rotation on our homepage and at the end of every article.

Featured profiles also enable you to include your logo, in-depth descriptions of your service offerings, a customizable button, and a dedicated contact form that potential clients can use to get in touch with you.

Standard profiles include a simple description of your business and a link to your website, and are displayed above inactive subscriptions in your category. 

Example Category:

Note: without a subscription, you’ll have a limited profile in our Business Index, and you’ll always be displayed beneath active subscribers in your category.

Marketing Tools: Advertise on Every Page

Get a guaranteed “made possible by” shout-out on our website when you share links with your followers. Your subscription includes a custom URL snippet that you can use on any page of our website to display your business profile wherever ads normally appear—essentially giving you an ad takeover for any article you share. Whether you post our news on LinkedIn or include it in your email newsletter, anyone who clicks on your link is guaranteed to see your shout-out.

With a standard listing, your shout-out includes your business name, description, and a link to your profile. With a featured listing, your shout-out also includes your logo and a custom button which can link to your website or a specific landing page of your choosing.

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To be approved for inclusion, you will need to fill out a survey about your business and the services you offer. Our editors will review your submission and determine your eligibility based on what you submit. If for any reason you are not approved, your payment will be refunded.