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When you contribute an insightful comment on a story we’ve written and your perspective is selected by our editors, it will be added to the end of our article along with a backlink.

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Here is an example of how profiles are organized according to their tier in a category.

Featured profiles are displayed at the top with standard profiles just beneath them. Inactive (verification-only) listings are displayed in rows beneath all active subscribers, with just the business name and no additional details.

Featured profiles also include your logo and a direct link from the category to your website, whereas standard profiles only contain your business name and a link to your profile.

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Your subscription includes a custom snippet that you can use on any page of our website to show your business profile instead of ads wherever they would normally appear.

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With a standard profile, your shout-out includes your business name, description, and a link to your profile. With a featured profile, your shout-out also includes your logo and a custom button which can link to your website or any URL you choose. Designed to be mobile-friendly, your shout-out adapts to whatever ad zone it appears in.

Add your perspective:

Anyone can submit comments about stories we’ve written for an opportunity to be featured at the end the article. For every article we publish, our editors allow a maximum of three additional perspectives. Unlike many publications, we screen comments and selectively publish those that provide useful information to our audience. With an active business profile, if your comment is chosen by our editors to be published, it comes with perks that can be beneficial for SEO and brand awareness.

With a standard listing, your comment includes a link to your Ganjapreneur business profile. With a featured listing, your comment includes your logo, business description, and a link to your website. If your comment is chosen to be published but you don’t have an active subscription, you will still receive credit for your comment, but your comment will not include a link.