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Why join the Business Index?

Your business profile serves as a direct link between you and the community of cannabis professionals who browse Ganjapreneur regularly, enabling them to quickly find and learn about your business. Far more than a typical “directory” listing, your profile also includes access to one-of-a-kind marketing tools that we built specifically to address the needs of cannabis businesses.

Brand awareness

Build top-of-mind awareness and get discovered by cannabis business owners & project planners who are searching for the products and services you offer.

Advanced SEO features

Control your metadata and profile contents, and gain valuable backlinks that will boost your SEO. With a featured listing, you can also get links from your category as well as on the articles you comment on.

Use our content

Turn our entire website into a marketing tool for your business. When you share content from with your followers (i.e. via newsletters or social media), your brand appears in all ad zones.

Membership perks

With an active profile, you’ll get priority consideration for social shout-outs, a blanket discount on advertising, and be invited to participate in exclusive content formats.

Membership Tiers:

Example category:

Your subscription level determines how your business will appear in the category. Since every reader will start at the top of the page, having an active subscription will ensure that you get more eyeballs and clicks: see the following image for an example of how different subscription levels are shown.

What does each tier get?

Featured profiles are displayed at the top of the category in random order. The listing includes your logo, description, profile link, website link.

Standard profiles are displayed just beneath Featured profiles, and include only your business name, description, and profile link.

Verified profiles are displayed below all other listings in a grid format, and include only your business name.

Example category page layout in Ganjapreneur Business Index

Use our content for your marketing

Turn our entire website into a marketing tool for your business. When you share our content with your followers, all of our usual ads are replaced by a shout-out for your business.


Your subscription includes a custom snippet that you can use on any page of our website by simply adding it to the end of the URL.

Anyone who clicks on your link is guaranteed to see your brand instead of our usual ads.

With a standard profile, your shout-out includes your business name, description, and a link to your profile. With a featured profile, your shout-out also includes your logo and a custom button which can link to your website or any URL you choose.

Screenshot example of the feature for content remarketing

Add to the conversation

Anyone can submit comments about stories we’ve written for an opportunity to have their perspective featured at the end the article, but comments from active partners include may include a link. For every article we publish, our editors allow a maximum of three additional perspectives.

Unlike many publications, we screen comments and selectively publish those that provide useful information to our audience. Opinions are welcome, but comments must be educational and arguments must be backed up in order to be chosen for publishing.


When your comment is chosen by our editors to be published, it comes with perks that can be beneficial for SEO and brand awareness:

With a featured listing, your comment includes a pop-up with your logo, business description, and a link to your website.

With a standard listing, your comment includes a link to your business profile.

With an inactive listing, you are still eligible to submit comments, but your comment will not include any links.

Remember: our editors will only select comments that add useful context or insight, so if you want to use this feature to help boost brand awareness and website traffic, you’ll need to formulate a well-crafted comment.

Example featured comment: