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Vaniso offers Cannabis industry merchants the ability to accept Credit and Debit Cards through Merchant Card Processing networks.

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First Merchant Bank

Cannabis, CBD, Kratom, Sarms merchant accounts approved within 48-hours. Not an aggregator account. Funding daily. No reserves. Legacy Cash deposit program in the US banking system. We can facilitate weekly deposit of $10 million.

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Green Thumb Payment Solutions

Our mission is simple we offer business solutions to cannabis dispensaries so they can be successful and grow there business to its full potential.

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Partnering with banks and credit unions in states like Washington, Colorado, Oregon, and Nevada who offer banking to legal marijuana retailers, producers, and processors means CannaTransact is in a unique position to assist our customers in obtaining access to legitimate bank accounts.

Banking partners choose to work with CannaTransact because of our expertise in delivering high-quality electronic payments solutions to customers while we aid financial institutions in addressing the stringent regulatory and compliance requirements for banking in the legal marijuana industry.

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Guardian Data Systems

Guardian Data Systems and MBank have partnered to provide the cannabis industry with a comprehensive and FinCEN compliant suite of banking products and services. With over 10 years of direct cannabisGuardian Data Systems, founded in 2008, Guardian has built an unparalleled reputation as the undisputed thought leader in the development of compliant comprehensive financial management, payment, and banking solutions for the cannabis industry. Guardian Data Systems delivers “ROAR”, the most complete cannabis software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) solutions vertically integrated across all your operations. Whether your Cannabis business focuses on growing, processing, testing, dispensing, delivering, or all of the above, the ROAR cannabis software solutions have you covered. We give you the power to automate, gain insight to your data, stay compliant and control costs. Get ready to ROAR!

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Marijuana Merchant Account

MMA does not consider any business to be high risk or charge excessive fees based on your industry. With years of merchant processing experience, we take the anxiety out of finding a merchant and provide you with peace of mind and the ability to continue to grow your business.

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Firstclass Processing

First Class Processing is a credit card processing and finance solution company.

We offer a variety of financial services that include all types of credit card processing, debit / ATM services, business loans, cash advances, consumer financing, and credit consulting.

Our mission is to provide fastest, easiest and most competitive financing and / or processing programs with the highest level of service.

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Merchant Doctors

The Merchant Doctor was founded on the principal of providing unbiased information to all merchants, regardless of Industry. This philosophy carries over to the pricing we offer our clients.

The Merchant Doctor is an advocate of Interchange Cost Plus Pricing, which is the only truly transparent form of pricing in the Industry.

Although we offer incredibly low Interchange Plus rates to all our clients we still treat each account as individual and take the necessary time to fully understand your unique business model to enable us to make sure that you save the absolute maximum dollars each and every month.

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MNBS Payment Solutions

MNBS Payment Solutions is the foremost provider of DIRECT E-Commerce and high risk payment solutions. We are experts in this space and strive to provide our clients with the most reliable and transparent processing services in the industry. Our goal is to establish strong and long term relationships with our clients.

We have established relationships with financial institutions, software developers, affiliates, small and large business, and entrepreneurs. Some of our larger clients include: McDonalds, Hospitals of Southern California, Southern California School of Law, BP Petrol, and many other companies, both domestically and off shore.

MNBS Payment Solutions provides direct domestic (U.S.) and Canada solutions without the need for a broker or middleman. We also have off shore solutions throughout Europe and Asia. We specialize in merchant industries and accounts that are considered ‘difficult, restricted or, prohibited,’ however, we accept and complement any online business.

MNBS Payment Solutions’ experience, service, and market reach is unmatched in the high risk and E-Commerce industry.

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SingleSeed Payments

SingleSeed Payments is the leading payment solution provider to the cannabis industry. By providing non-cash payment solutions we make your life easier, your business more effective, and your customers and employees enjoy a safer stress-free environment.

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Painless Processing

Since 2009, Painless Processing has been a preferred choice for merchant services specializing in the arena of high risk. We work with a wide array of businesses utilizing a variety of payment processing solutions that cater to each merchant’s individually unique needs.

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GreenHouse Payment Solutions

GreenHouse Payment Solutions LLC has been involved in the Payment Processing Industry for over 12 years and have been personally involved the last 6 years with the Medical Marijuana Industry in helping to provide payment solutions that work. We do our best to be compliant with existing Federal, FinCEN and Banking Regulations.. We have been professional consultants for businesses helping them utilize the best processing solutions available for their transactions.

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