Cannabis Security & Transportation

Cannabis companies must transport goods to retail locations and consider defending their cultivation centers from theft, which is why cannabis security & transportation specialists are a necessary component of the industry. Hire a security or transportation team that understands the struggles and threats a cannabis company may face so that everyone, and everything, remains safe. Browse through these talented companies:

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Public Security LLC

Evergreen Logistics

Lelantos Transport

Think Security

Sapphire Risk Advisory Group

VIVID Consulting

MPS International

Cannabis Security Inc

CannaGuard Security

ADS Security Guards

Calyx Brands


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How to Hire Cannabis Security and Transportation Services

From former law enforcement professionals to career transportion specialists, there are so many security operators excited to work with cannabis companies.

Why do cannabis companies need help with security?

Security and transportation services are an important part of the cannabis industry partly due to the large amounts of cash flowing through retail sites but also because of the intrinsic value of cannabis, which is still regularly sold on the illicit marketplace. Security services can protect your personnel and on-site assets, while secure transport options will bring peace of mind when conducting or fulfilling bulk cannabis purchases. Transportation services are also important when moving large amounts of cash, whether to a bank for safekeeping or even to your state capitol building to make tax payments.

Tips for hiring security or transportation specialists:

While private security firms are nothing new, there are many security companies who have embraced the cannabis space and customized their business from the ground up to satisfy the industry’s unique needs. Remember: the bottom line is that you should be overly confident in your security partners’ ability to protect you, your team, and your business.

Here are some important things to consider before contracting a cannabis security or transportation service:

  • How well does the company understand the local cannabis industry regulations and requirements?
  • Do they have a proven track record — i.e. customer testimonials or extensive experience in the security industries?
  • What types of vehicles does the company use? (You probably don’t want to see anything flashy or potentially attractive to criminals).
  • What is the company’s training and hiring process like?
  • What types of technology does the company use to augment its services? Security cameras and GPS tracking are definitely a good start.

Scroll up to browse through some of the industry’s leading security and transportation specialists. While Ganjapreneur has not worked with each of the brands listed above, their presence in the Ganjapreneur Business Directory is a strong indication they are committed to working with and growing alongside the cannabis industry.

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