Cannabis Testing Labs

In many markets, cannabis industry regulations require strict testing of products before they reach consumers for both potency and contaminants. These companies can help provide accurate information about THC and CBD levels in cannabis samples, and can help guarantee your products are mold-free and contaminant-free. 

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Agricultural Genomics Foundation

Location: Colorado

Genomic testing.
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Anresco Laboratories

Location: San Francisco, CA
Phone: 415-822-1100 ext.1508

Anresco Laboratories is a San Francisco-based analytical laboratory that has been an accurate and reliable source of independent analysis, research and consulting services to food and related industries since 1943. We are ISO 17025 accredited and recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Not only do we perform potency profiling, microbiological testing, and pesticide residue screening, we offer comprehensive capabilities that encompass essentially every analysis regulated by the FDA/USDA.
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Location: Seattle Washington
Phone: 425-406-8090

PhytaLAB is the Washington original Cannabis testing facility that set the standard for Good Laboratory Practice in the Cannabis industry. We come to this industry with extensive herbal product industry experience. We offer a range of services for growers, producer/processors and retail facilities to provide data on which to base informed business decisions. Our background in Botanical Medicine puts us first when you are looking for help in product development for specific plant chemotypes and standardization for efficacy. PhytaLAB offers consulting services to both business and regulatory entities. We can help with questions around methods, safety, packaging and labeling, and more. Please contact us for our unrivaled expertise.
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Location: San Diego, CA
Phone: 619-356-0898

PharmLabs provides the cannabis community and beyond with laboratory testing and analytic services to ensure patients have access to safe medicine. Through laboratory testing, PharmLabs will ensure safe medicine for the medical cannabis community. <br /> Through laboratory testing, PharmLabs will arm patients in the medical cannabis community with the proper information to make an informed decision on proper dosing and type of medicines they require to best combat their specific medical condition. PharmLabs offers potency, terpene, residual solvent and microbiological testing for the cannabis community and beyond!
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PharmLabs LLC

Location: San Diego, CA
Phone: 619-356-0898

PharmLabs provides the medical cannabis community with lab testing and analytical services to ensure patients have access to safe medicine.
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CD Genomics

Location: New York, NY
Phone: 15166698109

CD Genomics was established in 2004, we are aiming at providing the research community with high quality Next Generation Sequencing, high throughput microarray services. Due to the demand for our services has being increased; CD Genomics has already updated its technology platform to mainstream NGS and microarray instruments.<br />
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CannLabs, Inc.

Location: Denver, Colorado

CannLabs is a leading provider of innovative cannabis testing technologies and methodologies. Whether ensuring consumer safety or staying compliant with state regulations, you can count on CannLabs to fulfill all your testing needs.
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Steep Hill Labs

Location: Oakland, California

Steep Hill Halent was launched in early 2008 as Steep Hill Medical Collective to provide quality control services to the medical cannabis industry, which — 12 years after its legalization under California law— consisted of hundreds of businesses providing potentially unsafe herbal products to hundreds of thousands of consumers. The company’s primary mission was and is to protect the public health by providing infrastructure and analytical services to legally authorized distributors and producers of cannabis and to regulators tracking their operations.
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Location: Arcade, NY

Since 1996 GenTech Scientific has provided commercial, government, and university laboratories with reliable - yet affordable - analytical instruments. We excel at our service, repair, preventative maintenance, and instrument qualification.
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My Kindman

Location: 4125 Elati Street, Denver, Colorado
Phone: (303) 546-3626

Kindman which was established in 2009 is now a pioneer in the industry for serving the best of the Marijuana across Denver and Colorado. Most of its sales take place via popular pot and Marijuana stores in Denver and Colorado region. Its cannabis products are well known and popular amongst its customers due to the quality.
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Tested Labs

Location: Falmouth, ME
Phone: 207-618-9333

Tested Labs has been developed to meet the expanding needs of doctors, caregivers, and most of all, patients. Tested Labs accepts test samples of medical cannabis from certified patients, licensed caregivers and registered dispensaries in Maine. Our analysis will show you the levels of THC, THCA, CBD, CBDA, CBC, CBG and CBN in cannabis flowers, tinctures, concentrates and edibles. These results provide our adult and pediatric patients with the information necessary for precise, consistent milligram dosages of tinctures and other liquid extracts.<br />
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Green Style Analytics

Location: Yuba City, Oakland, Northern California
Phone: 844-420-TEST (8378)

Green Style Analytics was born of concern for our cannabis community. A cooperative started by cancer patients, veterans and activists who believe in what we’re doing, we provide affordable, reliable and convenient analysis of cannabis, concentrates, edibles, and all infused products for potency and safety in our YC or mobile lab.<br />
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Green Leaf Lab

Location: Roseburg, Oregon

Green Leaf Lab is the Northwest’s premier laboratory for providing Cannalysis™. We utilize standardized scientific instrumentation and employ professionally educated chemists for all cannabis testing and screening procedures.
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The Werc Shop

Location: Bellevue, WA
Phone: 855-734-6640

The Werc Shop is the country's premier medical cannabis analytical testing laboratory. We are phytochemical and botanical experts helping everyone deliver safer medicine. As a science and research based organization we are dedicated to providing the best products, services and information to various sustainable industries.
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True North Laboratory

Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Phone: 1-734-347-0359

We are a startup in the cannabis industry focused on safety testing and eventually potency testing as well.
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Phylos Bioscience

Location: Portland, OR

Through our partner laboratories in each state, we offer quantitative real-time PCR Cannabis testing for mold, mildew and pathogenic bacteria. Typical microbiology testing provides extremely rough data and takes 5-7 days to complete. Quantitative PCR is now standard in the food-safety industry, takes two hours to perform, and allows absolute microbial identification and quantitation.
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Analytical 360

Location: Seattle, WA

Analytical 360 is proud to be chosen as the first cannabis analysis laboratory to be certified by the Washington Liquor Control Board to provide scientific and safety testing services for I-502 Recreational Marijuana Producers and Processors.
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Coastal Analytical

Location: San Diego, CA
Phone: 442-222-TEST

Coastal Analytical offers profiling of cannabis for efficacy and safety in North County San Diego, CA. Analysis helps patients determine the overall experience and effectiveness when choosing their medicine. Everyone insists their products are “top shelf.” Analysis proves it.
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PSI Labs

Location: Ann Arbor, MI
Phone: 734-369-6273

PSI Labs is a full-service cannabis testing laboratory, devoted to research, advocacy and quality control testing within the retail cannabis industry. Using the most advanced techniques in analytical chemistry, PSI Labs provides a full spectrum of cannabis testing services, giving assurance to Michigan's patients, caregivers and provisioning centers that their products are safe, reliable and of the highest quality. In addition to traditional testing services, PSI Labs also offers individualized consultation services to assist our clients in their own research efforts, method development and other specialized services. PSI Labs also provide certification packages for edibles manufactures and concentrate producers.
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Bud Genius

Location: Southern California
Phone: (855) 723-3283

Bud Genius operates a fully equipped cannabis testing laboratory in California, and provides trusted services to growers, dispensaries and collectives throughout the state. One of the key differentiators between Bud Genius and all other labs, is that we not only test marijuana for key components, including THC, CBD, pesticides and mold, but we also collect subjective data on each sample with input from patients and users, to build a comprehensive profile on each strain. Through quantitative lab results and qualitative reviews, we provide effect specific medicine matching.
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Flower Potency Testing

Location: Inland Empire
Phone: 3233795727

Cannabis testing in the Inland Empire. Affordable, accurate, fast turn around time. THC, CBD, CBN, Residual Solvents, and Terpene profile.
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