Steep Hill

Steep Hill is the world's leading cannabis science and technology company with significant footprints in lab testing, research and development, licensing, genetics, and remote testing. No other company brings these sectors into one synergistic whole. With the goal to provide best practices in cannabis testing, we provide expert consulting services to legislators and regulators in many countries around the world. Steep Hill: Leading the Science of Cannabis. Globally.


Lab Testing

Steep Hill provides analytical services for legally-authorized distributors, producers, and licensed regulators of cannabis. We are the original cannabis testing lab, founded by true pioneers of the Californian Cannabis Industry. Steep Hill measures the purity and safety of all products containing active cannabinoids

Potency Testing

We take the mystery out of medical cannabis. Through rigorous quality-standard protocols, we help cultivators, dispensaries, manufacturers, and consumers prove the consistency, and potency of all cannabis products that pass through our labs. We quantify concentrations of 20 cannabinoids and as many as 42 terpenes.

Safety Testing

Steep Hill cannabis safety testing includes Quantified Pesticide Analysis, which provides a concentration report of residues in parts per million (ppm) and screenings for Microbiological Contaminants and Mold/Mycotoxins.

Genetic Services

Genetic testing services help our customers gain a better understanding of all aspects of cannabis genetics. We provide the cannabis industry, from growers and breeders to dispensaries and end users, a suite of identification and diagnostic tools that help identify important genetic markers that can be used in the breeding of unique strains or the choice of the correct strain for use in treating medical conditions, among other applications.

Scientific Consulting

We offer consulting services in the areas of cannabis safety, regulation, testing methodology, packaging and labeling, scientific development, processing and regulatory management.

Startup Services

Find cannabis industry professionals to help start and grow your venture with.






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