Marc Shepard: Preparing for Legalization in New England

The Maine State House in Augusta, Maine.

Maine Gov. Moves Adult-Use Oversight to Alcohol & Lottery Agency via Executive Order

A licensed ccannabis grow operation in Washington state.

Today Marks the First Day Mainers Can Legally Possess and Grow Cannabis

View of the harbor in Portland, Maine.

Maine Legislature Passes Three-Month Delay of Adult-Use Initiative

Cannabis Industry Already Driving Industrial Lease Prices in Maine

Healthy cannabis plant photographed in a Washington state cultivation facility.

Maine Gov. Calls for Moratorium of Question 1 Rollout

A line of storefronts in Belfast, Maine.

City Council of Belfast, Maine Considers Cannabis Business Moratorium

An abstract painting of a leaf from a cannabis plant.

Cannabis-Friendly Art Classes Expanding to Newly Legal States

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, who was vocal against the state's move to legalize cannabis.

Maine Gov. Wants to Shutter MMJ Program if Adult-Use Bill Survives Recount

Maine and Mass. Legalization Could Affect Possession Laws in New Hampshire

Opponents of Maine’s Question 1 Petitioning for a Recount

Nine states voted in favor of their cannabis measures last night: California, Nevada, Montana, North Dakota, Arkansas, Maine, Massachusetts, and Florida.

Green Tuesday: Eight of Nine Cannabis Initiatives Pass

Maine Marijuana Legalization Question 1 Results: Live Updates

Danielle Keane: Marijuana Legalization Opportunities in the 2016 Election

Danielle Keane: The 2016 Cannabis Legalization Opportunity

Maine's Governor Paul LePage, an outspoken prohibitionist and cannabis critic.

Maine Gov. Releases ‘Reefer Madness’ Facebook Video

Large, cured cannabis nug lying on its side.

Pro-Legalization Campaigns Release First Ads in New England

Business Coalition in Maine Pushing for Tighter Cannabis Regulations

Maine Program Aims to Provide Clean Cannabis Certifications

States Voting on Marijuana Legalization 2016

Nine States Voting on Marijuana Measures in 2016

Travel Guide Rick Steves Matching Donations to Maine Legalization Campaign

Maine Cannabis Legalization Initiative Will Appear on Nov. Ballot

Maine Could Be First State to Add Addiction as MMJ Qualifying Condition

Judge Allows Maine Marijuana Initiative to Move Forward

Maine Activists File Lawsuit Against Disqualification of Legalization Petition

Maine Legalization Initiative Fails to Qualify for November Ballot

New England: The Next U.S. Region to Embrace Legalization

Maine Reports 46 Percent Increase in Medical Cannabis Sales at Dispensaries

Two Competing Campaigns Aim to Put Marijuana Legalization On Maine Ballot



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