A trichome-rich home grown cannabis plant.

Cannabis College Launches in Independence, Ohio

The dome on top of the Ohio state capitol building.

Ohio Officials Slow to Develop MMJ Rules

TDCANN Institute Presents ‘The Cannabis Impact: Opportunities, Issues, and Challenges for Ohio’

The dome on top of the Ohio state capitol building.

Ohio MMJ Rules Proposal Would Allow Just 40 Dispensaries

The Ohio state flag flying in the wind.

Four Ohio Municipalities Pass Decriminalization Legislation on Green Tuesday

Inside the Ohio State House's Senate chambers.

Ohio Releases Draft Rules for MMJ Cultivators

Indoor cannabis plants being grown in a licensed Washington state marijuana production facility.

Ohio Patients Unlikely to Have MMJ Access Until 2018

Ohio Proposal Would Ban MMJ Reciprocity With Out-of-State Cannabis Programs

Ohio Court Amends Rules to Allow Attorneys and MMJ Companies to Work Together

Ohio’s Medical Cannabis Law Takes Effect Today

Ohio MMJ Users Can Claim ‘Affirmative Defense’ Until State Rolls Out Program

OH Supreme Court Seeks Rule Changes Allowing Attorneys to Help MMJ Companies

Ohio Village Passes Resolution Preventing MMJ Industry Bans

Ohio MMJ Sales Estimated Between $200 and $400 million

Ohio Professional Board: Attorneys Not Allowed to Help Establish MMJ Businesses

Ohio Municipalities Already Banning Dispensaries

Ohio Releases Initial MMJ Program Details

Ohio Planning for a Cashless MMJ Program

Ohio Gov. Kasich Signs Medical Marijuana Law

Ohio Medical Marijuana Campaign Suspends 2016 Legalization Effort

Ohio MMJ Bill Heads to Gov. John Kasich’s Desk

Swing State Voters Are Likely to Support Legalization, Study Shows

Ohio House Approves Medical Cannabis Bill

Details Revealed Behind Ohio’s New Medical Cannabis Bill

Ohio Ballot Board Certifies New Medical Cannabis Initiative

Ohio Lawmaker to Introduce Medical Cannabis Legislation

Details of New Ohio Medical Cannabis Initiative Released

Poll Finds 74% of Ohioans Support Medical Cannabis

Marijuana Policy Project Launching New MMJ Initiative in Ohio



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