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Build a dream team with the help of Cannabis Staffing & Recruiting professionals to launch a brand with success. Entrepreneurs are looking for employees with cannabis experience and/or specific skill sets, which is why they need access to someone with contacts in the industry. The Ganjapreneur directory connects cannabis companies with non-judgemental businesses. Look through the recommended marijuana staffing & recruiting teams below:

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Stewart Search Inc.

Vangst Talent

Hemp Temps

Ms. Mary Staffing

THC Talent Solutions


Cannabis Staffing Group

Higher Growth Search

Absolutely Affordable H.R. and Staffing Inc.

Global Recruiters of Scottsdale

Witlon Inc

CannaMed Talent Solutions

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Cannabis Industry Staffing & Recruitment

Hiring the right team is one of the most important steps to running a successful business in any industry — but for cannabis companies, maintaining a knowledgeable and responsible staff is especially important as they must navigate compliance issues and other cannabis-specific complexities.

Scroll down to learn more about choosing the right recruitment partner — or, if you’re looking to get into the space on the ground level, about how to get a job in the cannabis industry!

How to find a cannabis staffing & recruiting partner

Finding a partner to help you meet your cannabis staffing and recruitment needs might seem tricky but there are a few easy methods that shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • First, check around your local area for any upcoming cannabis events. There are B2B-focused conferences throughout the year where staffing and recruitment firms will surely be exhibiting their services to both cannabis companies and workers looking to get hired in the industry.
  • Second — and likely the easier option — check out the Ganjapreneur Cannabis Business Index, located above, which contains a list of vetted cannabis industry staffing and recruitment firms.

Additionally, any successful recruitment firm should offer testimonials from industry representatives and business owners or, barring that, at least a long list of successful employee placements. Note that it will also be worthwhile to get to know your staffing partner well — and make sure that they get to know you — so that they have a good understanding of your brand and will find employees who match well with your workplace.

How to find a job in the cannabis space

If you’re having trouble finding a job in the cannabis space, you should consider registering with an industry staffing and/or recruitment firm. By signing up with such a company and submitting your resume, you’ll be putting yourself on the industry’s metaphorical radar when it comes to talent-searching. This not only sets you up for finding cannabis industry employment but it demonstrates a true desire for being in the space, which is an important quality for any new hires, especially in cannabis.

Do you run a cannabis industry staffing/recruitment farm? Click here to set up a profile with the Ganjapreneur Business Index to help your company get found by local cannabis industry operators. Our business index profiles also include additional features and marketing tools.

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