Quick Fix Synthetic Launches New Packaging for Retail Convenience

The most popular and effective synthetic urine in the industry is upgrading their packaging.

Spectrum Labs is happy to announce a brand-new look to their Quick Fix Plus packaging that was redesigned for the user’s convenience! The new look still holds true to their brand’s trademarked “Q Clock” and patented formula. Progressing to an innovative material is where the ingenuity really lies.

The iconic Quick Fix box has turned into a heat-sealed pouch that is waterproof, flexible, thin, and durable! For users, the biggest benefit of the new pouch is its form factor. Transportation has instantly been made simpler; it is less bulky than a box and it still possesses protective measures for the product inside. The ergonomic design gives users an option to store their Quick Fix just about anywhere like a backpack, pocket, purse, glove box, etc. The pouch now features a tear notch for easy opening on the go!

The pouches are also very friendly for small smoke shops and convenience stores with an added hang hole at the top. Now Quick Fix Plus can be hung on a peg, conveniently placeable for the wall or any shelving. With the pouch being thinner, but just as sturdy as the box, it takes up less space and weight on retail shelves too. For stores that still have boxes of Quick Fix Plus instead of the pouch, that’s perfectly okay! Their synthetic urine has a two-year shelf life. To ensure your next purchase will have pouches, visit UrineLuck.com/wholesale to order from Spectrum Labs directly.

Spectrum Labs is continuing their understanding for more solutions that can help their customers’ lifestyles while still providing the best products, experiences, and value. The company has been encouraging customer feedback and using surveys to learn more about their user’s pain points beyond Quick Fix alone.

In addition to having a focus in their formulation and customer satisfaction, Spectrum Labs is excited to make improvements that cater to customers in new directions. “We are aware of our customers trust in our products and the value of Quick Fix in their lives,” says the Spectrum Labs CEO, James Greenwell.

So, the next time you are in a shop or buy Quick Fix Plus online and get a pouch instead of the classic box, do not be alarmed! Rest assured knowing that Spectrum Labs is continuing their two-decade long track record of innovation! Always validate your batch of Quick Fix Synthetic Urine on their official website at UrineLuck.com/batchvalidator and contact their customer service for any questions at 800-721-1414.