Confidence Analytics

Through scientific integrity and industry expertise, we provide the cannabis marketplace cutting-edge analytical services to benefit production and sourcing of products with true quality assurance and traceable documentation. Serving hemp, CBD, and recreational cannabis markets with access to ISO 17025-accredited analysis of Cannabis and Hemp products so they may meet and exceed regulatory requirements for consumer protection: We Are Confidence Analytics.


Cannabis Product Analysis

Testing for Pesticides, Mycotoxins, Microbial, Fungal, Residual Solvents, Terpenes, Heavy Metals


Nick Mosely M.S., CEO

Nick brings executive management with a successful history of legislative and regulatory advocacy. After previous experience in clinical research, bioinformatics, and evidence-based medicine, Nick founded Confidence Analytics with his business partner, Bobby Hines, in June of 2014. Nick proudly manages a diverse team of professionals pushing the cutting edge of cannabis analysis and evaluation. An elected board member of Washington state's largest member-driven cannabis industry association, The Cannabis Alliance, Nick is the liaison to the board for the Science and Standards Committee, and he has materially participated as an industry representative on several advisory panels and legislative work sessions within and about multiple agencies governing the cannabis industry.

Bobby Hines M.A., CTO

Founding entrepreneur with business partner Nick Mosely in 2014, Bobby ensures Confidence Analytics’ Science and Service are driven by all that modern technology can leverage: using an Organizational Communication approach and Systems theory to combine lean workflow analysis, strong requirements gathering practices, and company priorities into custom toolchains on which our staff and customers both rely. Through the design and implementation of scalable data architecture, API integrations to commercial vendors and State regulatory agencies, embedded systems and IoT, coding and testing conventions, Agile practices implementation, and incremental refactoring strategies, Bobby works to create system reliability and data integrity from sample to certificate.