Senseon by Accuride: Elevating the Standards for Cannabis Cabinet Security

Cannabis stores face a number of potential security threats ranging from smash and grab robberies to employee theft. A good security plan includes multiple tools like cameras, guards, and locks. Senseon Secure Access by Accuride provides aesthetically pleasing, invisible, industrial-strength security locks for cabinets in retail stores. Their systems are highly flexible and can be installed during a new build or in already established cabinetry.

Senseon is new in the cannabis industry — its parent company Accuride, however, has been developing hardware for cabinetry for over 60 years.

“You may not have heard of Senseon, but when it comes to cabinetry hardware, we invented it,” said Director of Sales Jeff Shelby. “So have the confidence that this product will work in your fixtures because all of our products are built to the industry standards which we helped set some 60 years ago.”

Senseon locks can be easily retrofitted into existing cabinets but their locking drawer slides are most secure when installed by the millworker. The locks can be affixed at the side, on the bottom, or on the back of the drawer. Senseon uses RFID technology that makes it a highly customizable, touchless, and invisible locking system.

Employees are given an RFID card attached to their name that grants access to the drawer. If the client opts for the top-tier Senseon Plus system, it also tracks the personalized activity of the drawer for management. With this personalized activity, dispensaries are able to manage their business more intelligently, understand which products generate the most interest, identify which employees are more productive, and better understand the flow of customer traffic.

Additionally, Senseon Plus includes dual authentication options, which require a specific combination of cards to be present to access a specific drawer. With high turnover, it can be frustrating to deal with lost keys or, worse, an employee who walks off with the keys when they quit. With Senseon, administrators can grant and remove access using remote technology so businesses can remain compliant even if a key leaves the building, whether due to human error or malicious intent.

Most cannabis retailers are required to submit a security plan to their respective regulatory bodies as part of the industry’s rigorous licensing process. Ideally, retailers should partner with Senseon during the application process to help create the most robust security plan possible.

Senseon brings experience to the table from working on other projects that are easily applicable to cannabis retail, like jewelry and cell phone stores. In fact, national cell phone store chains have served as a valuable case study in the consumer shopping experience and inform how access to Senseon’s control systems assists with loss prevention, Shelby said. This experiential knowledge provides valuable insight at the blueprint stage of a dispensary buildout — both in terms of security plans and for mapping the customer journey.

When creating a security plan for cannabis dispensary clients, Senseon will cover the whole project from start to finish even if its scope covers multiple months. They build security plans directly into the store plans so it’s easy to submit within the application packet. This active approach is essential for ensuring that no security concerns are overlooked.

Lastly, the company prioritizes being hands-on and they’re building an ecosystem around that philosophy. They keep a tight network of millworkers, contractors, and architects to provide quality referrals to their clients. Having that network available to clients in the beginning phases of building their store works to everyone’s advantage — the shop owner gets access to experts who get the job done well, talented tradespeople get more business, and Senseon can trust that their hardware is installed correctly.

“The stronger we all make the industry, the better the industry is going to benefit all of us long term. We need advocates of our product but we realize this is an industry where we’re stronger together than we are apart,” Shelby said.


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