Paybotic is a leading provider of reliable and affordable payment solutions in the cannabis industry and surrounding markets where it has established long-lasting relationships with its customers. The company is committed to meeting the evolving needs of its customers through partnerships with top financial services and payment technology platforms. Paybotic works to elevate the industry by serving as a trusted resource dedicated to the betterment of the cannabis community as a whole.


Debit Processing

Accept PIN-based transactions. Give your customers the convenience to withdraw money in your store.


With our secure gateway, create and process Electronic Checks, send Email Invoices, and even Accept Payments Online (or integrate into your current systems via API).

Cannabis Payment Processing

Navigating cannabis payment processing is a challenging operational task. We're here to help your dispensary accept payments in the most cost-effective manner.

CBD & Hemp Payment Processing

We are here to help your CBD and Hemp business accept payments in the most cost-effective manner.

Smart Safe Depository Banking

Smart Safe is an end-to-end cash storage and banking solution built for the cannabis industry.

Paybotic ACH

Paybotic's ACH solution is an easy-to-use and secure payment platform to complement all currently accepted payment solutions.

Cannabis & Hemp Business Insurance

Paybotic has partnered with a leading insurance provider to offer a complete portfolio of insurance products for businesses in the hemp and cannabis industry.

Gift Card Programs

Our gift card program solution is a simple way to strengthen your business's brand and revenue.

Merchant Cash Advance

Use merchant cash advances for a super flexible and easy to manage solution as an alternative to a business loan.

Cannabis Banking

Don't let the legal stuff wear you down. Paybotic's banking program solution will jump through those hoops for you.


Eveline Dang - Founding Partner/CEO

Since graduating with Honors from Babson College where she co-founded her business partner Max Miller, Eveline has focused her career on managing all executive aspects of Paybotic. Originally from Vietnam and has travelled to different countries where the payment industry witnesses different stages of growth, Eveline has a relentless desire to study the industry in depth to essentially be able to introduce the best payment solutions and systems to not just developing countries around the world but also U.S. industry verticals that have limited access to banking/financial services.

Max Miller - Founding Partner

Max graduated from Babson College with a degree in Entrepreneurship. He is a young entrepreneur whose global vision and passion for future-proof payment solutions has inspired him to build a company that provides the most advanced and secured payment systems to merchants. The constant changes in technology in the industry drive Max to always learn and integrate the best and most appropriate payment solutions to keep the company’s clients on top of their game. As the founder and president of Paybotic, Max is responsible for the ongoing strategic and economic growth of the company.