Extraction Equipment & Consulting

Cannabis extraction is a breakout sector in cannabis business instrumental in crafting vape pens, edibles, and other popular adult-use products. Various laboratory equipment is used to extract, winterize, remediate and ultimately turn flower into golden wax. Explore companies that can set up equipment for a state-of-the-art extraction facility and consultants that can inform a team on the best practices for running a lab in the directory below:

Pure Cannalabs

Apeks Supercritical

Breaking Dab Lab

Lab Synergy

Infinity Supercritical LLC

Precision Extraction Solutions

Consolidated Oil

Subzero Scientific

Hudson Valley Lyomac

Rocky Mountain Extraction Services

Essential Extracts

High Purity Extractions & Equipment

Kush Masters

Medropharm LLC

Terpp Extractors

MMJ Trim*Rite

CAT Scientific

Green Dot Labs


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