Marijuana Apparel & Lifestyle Brands

The marijuana “lifestyle” has received a lot of attention with legalization’s progress. These companies offer products to compliment that lifestyle. Shirts, hats, accessories, skateboards — find everything you need to show off your cannabis spirit (or stock your retail store) below.

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Moose Pet Wear

Location: 3900 W. 1st Avenue Eugene, Oregon 97402
Phone: 541 741-0658

Moose Pet Wear manufactures cannabis pattern leashes and collars, custom lanyards, Launch Pads © (bong pads with cannabis images), coaster sets, mouse pads and more. We are a family owned and operated company in Eugene, Oregon. Our raw materials are sourced in the US and our revenue stays locally. When marijuana became legal, Moose Pet Wear launched into the cannabis pattern business. We are among a very few companies offering these products.
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Green Arbor Clothing Co.

Location: Online

We’re marijuana and fashion enthusiasts, and we’re really serious about both. We design clothing for the adult marijuana afficianado with a mature sense of style.
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Underground Games Company

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 818-669-5363

Ever since TRAFFICKING was launched on November 19, 1983, Gary Lane and the Underground Games Company have been keen activists in supporting the pro-marijuana legalization movement. The Underground Games Company supports the legalization of marijuana for responsible recreational and medicinal use. Trafficking is a game spoofing social reality (like it used to be in the old days)….may the winds of change continue to howl!
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The Higher Shop

Location: Paris, France
Phone: +33677124721

The Higher Shop is the #1 Cannabis Fashion Brand in the world. Built from the ground by two french stoners who wanted to share their common passion for our beloved flower!
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Happy 420 Merch

Location: Northern Minnesota
Phone: 218-368-1843

Happy 420 Merch is an online store dedicated to bringing weed themed and related apparel and accessories to our customers.
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Mary Jane T Shirt Co.

Location: Online - Worldwide
Phone: 786-505-7095

Whether you want to make a bold fashion statement or just spark a debate, you can do both with our new line of #420 apparel and accessories. Smart, witty, sometimes subtle and always casual, it is the perfect attire to hang out and spark a bowl.
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Cannabis Rocks

Location: Cortez, Colorado & Online
Phone: 970-749-1921

Cannabis Rocks creates one of a kind BUD-dy and CBDA for Cannabis Supporters. Dispensary and business branding with a very unique product. Created by renowned artist for Hollywood A-listers with an infusion technique, each is a work of art and everyone has a favorite.
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Bongjour Clothing Company

Location: Online

Born of a commitment to process and artistic expression, Bongjour is an ode to a different time. A future’s past, a history richly embedded in the cannabis lifestyle. We are a group of compassionate hemp enthusiasts and we believe each piece in our line reflects our ideals. We are elemental. We are threaded together, universe and earth, with bountiful gifts found in each of us. Our fashion and brand reflects and represents a higher state of consciousness.
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Stoner Days

Location: Online

An online retailer of marijuana-themed shirts, apparels, and accessories.
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Recreator Hemp Apparel & Brand Merchandising

Location: Los Angeles
Phone: 317-679-2142

Recreator Hemp Apparel is a California lifestyle brand and premium merchandising service to the cannabis industry. Our hemp fabrics are made from the highest quality cannabis fibers before being sustainably manufactured and digitally printed in Los Angeles. We can customize T-shirts, bandanas, tote bags, dab rags and much more to help canna-businesses expose their brand and build ancillary revenue streams. Our hemp is smooth, lightweight and highly breathable so your customers can't find a reason to stop wearing your brand everywhere they go. Recreator can help any business get the more of its marketing budget.
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Rasta Empire

Location: Online is dedicated to bringing you the freshest clothing, music, books to the Rasta and Reggae lifestyles at the lowest possible prices. We have the most complete selection of Bob Marley gear on the Internet. If it’s available we have it.
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Location: Global Online
Phone: 844-442-8336

Everything Marijuana Related in one place. From Fun and Games to Products and Guides, we have it all!
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Location: 13379 Savanna, Tustin, CA
Phone: (800) 323-6401

Everything we paint gives you, and all the creative minds in the world, more opportunities to make great art. We started painting on t-shirts and then we realized tons of products make great canvases.
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High Art Collective

Location: Los Angeles, California
Phone: 562-774-4208

We are artists and crafters who enjoy cannabis. Our mission is to celebrate the great cannabis strains we know and love. Our motto is: "Make Art, Get High, Be Happy". In order to fulfill our mission and live our motto, we created the High Art Collective. At the Collective we turn our passion for cannabis into arts and crafts that contain real cannabis and express its natural beauty.
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Captain Chronica

Location: Online
Phone: 512-382-0939

Captain Chronica is the leading alternative lifestyle clothing brand. We specialize in the dopest 420 clothing imaginable, from hoodies, tees and tanks, too stickers, mugs and more.
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LighterBro LLC

Location: Santa Barbara, CA 93109
Phone: 8058840070

LighterBro Makes the LighterBro Multitool, the ultimate stoner swiss army knife.
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The High Rise Co

Location: Orange, CA
Phone: 714 390 0518

420 Apparel and Accessories.
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Location: 19340 NE Union Hill Rd, Redmond, WA
Phone: 760-522-2097

Testclear is the #1 provider for tested solutions, proven THC detox products and drug testing kits to pass any urine, saliva, and hair test for pre-employment, random, military, and even supervised drug tests.
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