CBD.market Responds to Growing Evidence That CBD Enhances Sleep

Recent research from medical experts at the University of Northern Colorado, the University of Utah, and the University of Illinois at Chicago indicated that taking 50 mg of CBD may significantly impact sleep quality while enhancing Natural Killer (NK) immune cell function. The study explored various claims regarding CBD and sleep and the human immune system’s role in regulating sleep. Online retailer CBD.market has responded to the growing interest in CBD products to promote natural sleep methods.

The Rising Trend in Using CBD for Sleep Management

Many people are desperate for high-quality sleep at night because of their stressful daytime environments. At the same time, they are reluctant to take prescription sleep aids because of potential side effects and the possibility of dependency. CBD offers a natural way to aid circadian sleep rhythms.

The study followed 28 participants with an average age of 25.9 years for eight weeks who took 50 mg of CBD nightly and were not currently taking sleep medications. Participants received either CBD or a placebo. After completing the eight-week course, the researchers found no significant changes in weight, BMI or body fat percentages among those taking CBD. However, the CBD group experienced significant improvements in sleep quality. This study confirms anecdotal evidence that CBD users experience better sleep.

Researchers believe CBD affects sleep by working on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the hypothalamus, impacting sleep regulation and body temperature. CBD can suppress stress hormone overactivation and equalize the sleep and wake rhythm.

CBD.market Delivers High-Quality Products for Better Sleep

CBD.market has recognized the sleep-related CBD demand by responding with increased products geared toward those who want better sleep quality. Overall, gummies are the preferred method of using CBD because they deliver a premeasured dose and are discreet.

“The most popular sleep support products in our store are CBD gummies, CBN gummies, ones with melatonin and other sleep aid additives,” said Michael Levin, CBD.market Head of Analytics. “Following these, tinctures and capsules are also in high demand.”

Consumers seeking high-quality CBD products for sleep and other uses will find many items available at CBD.market. Among the trusted CBD brands CBD.market sells are Wyld CBD, Lazarus Naturals, Joy Organics, NuLeaf Naturals and several others, all thoroughly tested by third parties prior to sale. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction.

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