DynaVap Launches The Latest In Its Flagship M Series of Dry Herb Vaporizers

DEFOREST, WI | March 26 2024 – For the past seven years, the DynaVap M has been one of the most trusted dry herb vaporizers available worldwide. Known for its quality stainless steel construction, ability to deliver big, flavorful hits despite its compact size, and its competitive price, the M has long been a favorite of thermal extraction enthusiasts and the M 7 only improves on that legacy with improved performance and an even more affordable price point.

The new M 7 features several updates including a new finless tip design for more even extraction, up to 20% less heat transfer from tip to stem, a streamlined design and unique texture for enhanced grip, and optional XL mouthpiece and condenser with multiple airflow settings – the first of its kind in the M series.

“The M was DynaVap’s first fully stainless steel Thermal Extraction Device and it empowered dry herb vaporization enthusiasts from around the world to experience the power of a desktop vaporizer in a product that fits in their pocket,” said DynaVap founder George Breiwa. The M is our flagship product and we’re excited to introduce a next generation M 7 device with several performance improvements at a price that can encourage even more people to make the move from combustion to dry herb vaporization.

Like all DynaVap products, the M is a battery free vaporizer that uses a torch or an induction heater to bake, not burn your herb. DynaVap’s products are lightweight and discrete yet deliver a highly satisfying experience with a very small amount of herb, which allows users to taste the terpenes in their flower unlike any other consumption experience.

For more information on the new M 7, please contact justin.johnson@dynavap.com. All M 7 visual assets can be found here.

About DynaVap

Dynavap is making smoking history. Recognized as a pioneer in the cannabis vaporizer industry, for years DynaVap has set the standard for Thermal Extraction Devices, being an example to follow and demonstrating how design and your experience with cannabis can elegantly go hand in hand.

The company prides itself on offering a distinct consumption experience that takes the worry out of temperature settings and battery life. Instead of using batteries or electricity, DynaVap vaporizers use a manual heating method, where the user applies an external heat source, like a torch or induction heater, to a small heating chamber in the device. When your DynaVap Cap “clicks,” your cannabis is hot enough to vaporize without combusting. This allows for precise temperature control and a more personalized vaporizing experience.

Dynavap’s business philosophy is based on innovation, simplicity, and sustainability. The brand believes in the importance of creating durable, high-quality products that can be used for years to come and is constantly looking for ways to improve its products and offer innovative solutions to cannabis consumers looking for new ways to experience cannabis.

You can learn more about DynaVap and its products at dynavap.com.