Perfect Blends Pre-Rolls and Infused Flower Review

Perfect Blends is a cannabis company that takes the science gathered from medical cannabis patients and applies it to consumer packaged goods. The initial idea for the brand came from Co-Founder and CEO Dean Hollander, who wanted to build three intentional flavors: Happy Camper, Pick Me Up, and Nightcap. The formulations are built by Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Michael Backes, writer of Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana. Happy Camper is meant to be “giggle weed” according to Backes, Pick Me Up can bring focus and drive, and Nightcap is intended to calm an active mind. Most recently Perfect released Sexpot, which is formulated to encourage intimacy.

The blends are made with chopped, terpene-rich flower with added concentrates that are intended to replenish the terpenes lost in the chopping process. Many pre-rolls are made with cannabis that’s been milled, which is efficient but releases many of the monoterpenes — Perfect Blends uses a chopping process that is more culinary and is being perfected in-house. Extracts are pulled from fresh cuts of the same plants that are being chopped and then added back to the chopped flower. This allows the brand to match each product batch to the panel-tested, pharmacologically-driven formulations.

Each flavor can be enjoyed in a couple of ways. The Mini Pre-Rolls packed a delightful little punch, and the size was perfect for one person. Each contained .33g and they’re sold in three-packs to make a total of 1g. The Minis are formed like a familiar pre-roll, but the PERFECTO changes the game. The Perfecto features a filter on both ends and allows you to cut the perfect size for your sesh, with two filters it’s also an amazing way to still share a joint with friends in a new pandemic-conscious landscape. It can also be cut to the length of your liking, so each session is just as long as you need.

The last product category is infused flower which is a 3-gram jar of freshly chopped flower. Both prerolls are novel, but the infused flower products really show the quality of the mix despite not featuring full nugs. I tried the Nightcap and Sexpot freshly chopped, to me the aroma of both was fresh and herbaceous with an essence of mint. When you pop off the child-safe wooden top of the jar the deep forest green color hits your sights at the same time as the terpene-heavy aroma. The Nightcap and Sexpot had similar effects for me, but not identical. The Nightcap took the edge off of my day, allowing me to settle down and relax. Sexpot was also relaxing but accompanied by a pleasant humming body high. The flower comes with a micro-pipe which is a metal one-hitter that will hold 75 mg of Perfect chopped flower. When I sampled these products I didn’t hit the one-hitter but I did use it to pack bowls in a way that actually measured my dosage. It is a useful tool for someone looking to dial in their consumption by inhalation, especially for those using cannabis medically.

The Perfect Blends product line could be enjoyed by anyone, but it is really ideal for the consumer that wants to get the same thing every single time they buy cannabis. Formulations are matched to specs and tested multiple times throughout the process to provide consumers with a cannabis product that can actually promise continuity. Medical patients who find that one of these formulations works for them will be ecstatic to pick up the same thing every time without the quality or effectiveness of the flower changing. Currently, a patient can pick up every pre-packaged eighth of OG Kush, and then when the new crop comes they could be facing an entirely different experience. With that in mind, I believe that Perfect Blends is a wave of the future.

Editor’s note: This piece was updated to include Perfect’s latest formulation, Sexpot.

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