Science of Smokeability Study

Get Paid to Smoke Joints: Pioneering Cannabis Study Seeks Participants to Advance Smoking Standards

Ever wonder what makes a perfect puff?

As cannabis culture evolves, enthusiasts and experts alike are delving deeper into what truly enhances the smoking experience.

For decades, the cannabis industry has primarily focused its research efforts on maximizing crop yields and cannabinoid concentrations. However, a pioneering new study aims to shift that focus towards an often-overlooked aspect of the consumer experience – the art of smokeability.

Optimizing the Smoker’s Experience

Spearheaded by leading industry names DaySavers and Custom Cones USA, in collaboration with the Cannabis Research Coalition and the Network of Applied Pharmacognosy, “The Science of Smokeability” (SOS) promises to revolutionize our understanding of cultivation practices and their impact on the quality of the final smoking product.

At its core, the SOS study seeks to establish a direct link between various cultivation and processing variables, and their effect on the overall smoking experience.

By analyzing factors such as mineral content, nutrient levels, potential carcinogens, moisture content, ash composition, and smoke quality, the researchers aim to uncover the optimal conditions for producing a superior, more enjoyable smoke.

Custom Cones USA will also be conducting an innovative experiment focused on infused pre-rolls – one of the fastest rising categories in the pre-roll market. This study will evaluate various infusion techniques to determine which methods produce the hottest burns and most effectively deliver cannabinoids and terpenes.

Whether you prefer to smoke blunts or joints, or opt for innovative options like the pre rolled cross joint, the findings of this study could revolutionize the way you experience your favorite smoking products.

Get paid to smoke joints: study seeks participants to understand smokeability

DaySavers and Custom Cones USA: Elevating Industry Standards

As pioneers and experts in the pre-roll market, DaySavers and Custom Cones USA bring unparalleled expertise to this groundbreaking initiative.

DaySavers, the most compliant and tested pre-rolled cone and rolling paper brand, maintains the highest standards of product testing, adhering to the same rigorous protocols as regulated cannabis companies. This commitment to quality assurance has helped them create innovate pre roll blunts and other products that enhance smokeability and consumer satisfaction.

Custom Cones USA, a leading resource for pre rolled cones and renowned for its industry knowledge and innovative solutions, partnered with SOS to help facilitate advancements in cannabis quality and consistency, specifically regarding pre-roll production.

Their deep understanding of pre-roll manufacturing processes and consumer preferences will help translate the research findings into actionable insights for optimizing cultivation metrics and improving overall product quality.

A Collaborative Approach to Sustainable Progress

The study’s inclusive approach invites the broader cannabis community to participate through surveys and feedback, ensuring that the findings reflect diverse consumer perspectives and experiences.

The implications of the SOS study extend far beyond the realm of product development and consumer satisfaction. By establishing objective measurements of smoke quality and its correlation with cultivation practices, the research has the potential to inform future cannabis policies and regulations.

Through their partnership with ASTM Cannabis, an organization dedicated to developing industry-wide standards, the study’s findings will provide regulators with a scientific basis for informed decision-making. This collaborative effort could pave the way for a safer, more sustainable, and consistently high-quality future for smokable cannabis products across the industry.

Research into the smokeability of cannabis

Your Chance to Shape the Future of Cannabis

The researchers are offering you a unique opportunity to actively contribute to this groundbreaking initiative.

200 randomly selected individuals will receive complimentary pre-rolls and be compensated with $4.20 for providing qualitative feedback through a comparative survey. Whether you’re a seasoned blunt roller or brand new to cannabis, your input could shape the future of smoking experiences.

The SOS is an opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the cannabis industry. By lending your expertise as a seasoned consumer, you can directly influence the study’s outcomes and contribute to the advancement of smokeability standards.

For those not selected for the paid opportunity, the study still welcomes your participation through various surveys throughout the research process. Every perspective and experience you share holds the potential to enrich the study’s findings and drive positive change within the industry.

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, collaborative efforts like the SOS study are crucial in promoting quality, consistency, and responsible practices. By bridging the gap between academia, industry leaders, and the community, initiatives like this have the potential to shape the future of cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and consumption on a global scale.

To learn more about the study and apply to participate, visit the DaySavers website.


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