Dr. Dabber XS Mini-E-Rig Review

The Dr. Dabber XS is the latest offering from a leader in the E-rig space that takes portable dabbing to the next, but smaller, level. Known for their Boost Evo and Switch rigs, Dr Dabber’s latest piece puts filtered concentrate consumption in your pocket or hand bag. But, don’t be fooled, the devices’ minimal size does not take away from the unit’s functionality, however.

The Dr. Dabber XS is made up of four pieces: a spill-proof glass bubbler attachment, a ceramic atomizer, the glass carb cap, and the battery unit/base. The XS fits together easily — just screw in the atomizer to the battery; place the glass bubbler, after adding the water, over the atomizer, noticing the tight seal; and lastly, add the carb cap, another tight fit, and the Dr. Dabber XS is just about ready to fire. There are a few more accessories that make the unit complete: a dab tool, a silicon collar to hold the carb cap, a handy tiny funnel — it’s so cute — to fill the bubbler, and even some alcohol-infused cotton q-tips to clean the atomizer and glass bubbler.

Once it’s all put together, the bubbler is bubbling, and the concentrate is loaded, it only takes five clicks on the power button and then a five-second hold before the vape gets flowing. The XS has four temperature settings: 475°, 525°, 575° and 625°. Three quick taps on the power button will change the temp, which is indicated by different colors with green being the hottest. The XS takes about 20 seconds to heat up and is hot just long enough for a tasty dab hit.

There are lots of things I like about the Dr. Dabber XS. Besides the great vapor production, ergonomic heavy base/long-lasting battery unit, and glass bubbler, it is extremely easy to add concentrates, a great feature for patients like myself, blind, who have trouble using traditional concentrate devices. The battery heft gives the XS a solid feel, and if it tips over, the no-spill bubbler saves the day. The alcohol-soaked q-tips will come in handy pretty quickly though, so be ready to keep the XS cleaned up.

Visit the company website to find out more about the Dr. Dabber XS or to purchase an XS for yourself.

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