Dope Creative

Dope Creative is a cannabis content studio based in California. We specialize in premier product and lifestyle photography as well as social media management.


Product Photography

High end still life photography focusing on brand with creative vision.

Lifestyle Photography

Using models to personify your brand we capture your products in an engaging and relatable.

Social Media Curation and Management

We design a cohesive and unique foundation to engage with your base and build your audience.

Graphic Design

We elevate ideas and execute with stunning visuals, building on an existing idea, or creating something new.


Captivate an audience with a narrative that tells your story through motion.


Create interactive immersive content that brings your flower and product to life.


Kelsea Ernst

Before all this was cool and legal, there was a community of risk-takers and passionate pioneers who produced and delivered cannabis to the masses through more ways than imaginable. Kelsea has been a part of this community for over a decade and has participated on multiple levels. Her vision combined with years of field experience creates genuine, relevant, unparalleled imagery while collaborating with you to pave the way.

Galen Oakes

Born and raised in Mendocino County, Galens’ upbringing was anything but conventional. At 16, he picked up his first camera and was photographing local grows the very same day. Over the past 17 years, Galen hasn’t stopped exploring this passion and continues to cultivate his unique style of visual storytelling. He’s proud of where he comes from and is excited to be working with brands that will continue to be pioneers in the space for years to come.