The HAMR Cold Start Concentrate Rig Review

The HAMR is a handheld, cold-start dab rig from Myster. We really enjoyed this piece for a number of reasons but its combined simplicity and efficiency were the main stars of the show.

The HAMR’s all-in-one product design features a full dab rig, quartz banger, and built-in blow torch. The glass piece also comes with an ergonomically shaped silicone base — which helps with grip, balance, and offers protection from hard surfaces — as well as a stainless steel dabber tool, an included bubble cap to match the banger, and a convenient zip-up carrying case.

In case you’re unfamiliar with cold-start dabbing, also known as reverse dabbing, here’s a quick rundown: the process is a bit more involved but consumers are coming around to cold-start dabbing as a generally faster and more flavorful option for consuming cannabis concentrates. Essentially, instead of the more-traditional “torch the thing until it’s blazing-red-hot” method, the cold-start dabbing method heats the cannabis concentrate and quartz nail/banger from cold temperatures together, which allows for a smoother drag. The main drawback to cold-start dabbing is that each dab tends to leave a sticky, resiny mess at the bottom of the banger. This mess must be cleaned out before the piece’s next use but, because of the heat, it can result in long breaks between dabs (meaning this probably isn’t the best method for circle sessions/social consumption).

Our review team found that, even for novice dabbers, the HAMR was easy and intuitive to set up.

As a consumer, the included blow torch lighter is particularly cool and feels generally more satisfying than a traditional, hand-held torch. It easily fits in a pocket, and although it may not hold as much butane as a regular torch, it can be used for multiple sessions before refilling. Additionally, once you’re feeling properly medicated from doing your dab, it also just feels safer to have one less blazing-hot item that you need to keep track of.

Another big benefit to the HAMR dab rig is its portability: typically, people who prefer cannabis concentrates have to rely on vape pens if they want to get high outside the house. But with the HAMR — which includes a padded travel case that fits easily in a purse, backpack, or maybe even a heavy coat pocket — the piece is truly portable, meaning you can experience the highly potent and efficient highs of dabbing without needing to carry around a full kit of rig, torch, dabbing tool, and more.

Finally, if you’re considering picking up one of these dab rigs, our last piece of advice is to put a lot of effort into keeping your piece clean! The glass is sturdy enough when kept clean but without proper maintenance, the build-up of sticky, resinous substances could cause some sketchy situations when trying to separate the banger, stem, and bubble cap.

Ultimately, the HAMR would be a great tool for just about anyone to keep in their arsenal of paraphernalia, whether you’re a longtime concentrates expert or brand new to dabbing and looking for an easy entrance.

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