What does “710” mean?

Used to refer to cannabis oil, "710" is the upside-down, mirror image of "OIL.” Similar to 420, it can be used to refer to the time 7:10, the date 7/10, being cannabis friendly, or smoking cannabis oil/concentrate specifically.

Example usage:

“It's 710, blaze it!”

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The History of the Term “710”:

The term 710 has become ubiquitous in the cannabis space but the term’s origins and how it became so widely known remain debated. Some speculate it originated long before entering the cannabis space from a “dumb blonde joke” in the mechanic industry where “oil” is misread as “710.”  While its counterpart 420 has clear ties to the specific date and time it references, 710 has been a reference to cannabis oil specifically since the mid-2000s among some friend and dealer circles. The term we know today was widely popularized in 2013 by media outlets and the first 710 cannabis celebration, The 710 Cup. Since then, the term has only continued to grow as a ubiquitous symbol for dabbing and the acceptance of cannabis culture.

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The history of 710 and its relation to cannabis date back long before the term was used to refer to hash oil or the like. It was much more nuanced and differed from how we understand it today. In the 1960s, The Grateful Dead began performing in venues and in their California homes, attracting and epitomizing the hippie psychedelic rock movement of the time. Their most famous home was located in San Francisco, California at 710 Ashbury Street where the band played and lived.

The home grew in infamy on October 2, 1967, when police raided the home, arresting two bandmates and eight other individuals, and confiscating one pound of cannabis that police claimed “was intended to be sold and distributed.” At the time, the alleged crime was punishable by a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison. The band protested the drug bust by holding a news conference at the 710 Ashbury home. Eventually, they were let off with minor fines and no jail time. The 1967 news conference can be viewed below:

The Movement

In 2011, the first modern adaptation of 710 as a reference to cannabis concentrates and culture was seen during the promotional release of the Task & Linus album “The Movement” on January 10, 2011. The album features many lyrics and references related to cannabis consumption and dabbing with tracks such as “7:10” and “Boil that Oil.” The album’s concept grew from the original “oil” pun into “The Movement” to change 4:20 to 7:10. While the popularization of the term was clearly noted after the album’s release, band member TaskRok is hesitant to claim any origins of the term and the 710 movement, saying the idea “belongs to the community now.”

710 Celebrations

The accessibility and popularity of cannabis concentrates only grew with the plant’s continued legalization and growing popularity in the United States. By 2013, the term 710 hit mainstream headlines, and 710 continued to gain momentum. LA Weekly published an article titled “710 is the new 420” — from there, the movement continued and the first official 710 celebration was created the same year, dubbed “The 710 Cup.” Today, many states run their own 710 events for businesses to promote the unofficial holiday of July 10th. The holiday showcases cannabis concentrates and oils amongst the many subcultures in cannabis.

710 Subculture

Today, the term 710 can be a way to find dab/vape enthusiasts or a cannabis-friendly friend on social media. Groups that label themselves as 710 prefer using concentrated cannabis and may claim its superiority over other consumption methods. Look for tags such as #710, #710life, and #710society on social media to find like-minded individuals and/or content curated for cannabis concentrate enthusiasts.