Marijuana Business Consultants

Entering the cannabis industry is a significant undertaking whether you are a business pro with little cannabis experience, or a cannabis pro with little business experience. A general business consultant can help you sort out the details. Whether you need advice on logistics, personnel, cashflow, or security, here you will find consultants and consulting agencies who specialize in helping cannabis industry businesses.

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Featured Businesses

Ganja Law, PLLC:

Ganja Law, PLLC

Location: Nationwide
Phone: 1-844-426-5529

Ganja Law, PLLC is the industry's one-stop legal expert, defense, and a leading source of knowledge. Our firm will handle your legal and/or business issues from seed to sale and all points in between. Should the issue be licensing, compliance, MED consulting, criminal defense, investment related, or industry related such as cannabis business law and specialized contracts, we will get the job done.
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Status Rising

Location: Online
Phone: 458 206 0571

Status Rising’s mission is to provide you with resources to start a safe, compliant and professional closed loop hydrocarbon extraction lab.
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Location: Portland, Oregon

Get a cannabis approved bank account.
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MJ Consulting Services

Location: Plano, Texas
Phone: 214-501-3966

MJ Consulting Services, LLC is a full service cannabis consulting firm. We provide a unique solution for medical marijuana dispensaries and recreational stores to reduce their federal taxes by implementing our patent pending approach to Section 280E of the IRS Code.
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Thrive Market Intelligence

Location: Illinois
Phone: 815-985-1034

We help cannabis companies protect and grow their business with intelligence-based strategies and sustainable advantage. We take the guess work out of business decisions.
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OC Firm

Location: 4590 MacArthur Blvd, Suite 500. Newport Beach, CA 92660
Phone: 949-274-9053

We are a full service business advisory firm to the Marijuana Dispensary industry.
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SIVA Enterprises

Location: Burbank, CA
Phone: 818-562-3362

SIVA Enterprises is a California-based cannabis company offering a full suite of business development services to entrepreneurs and investors in all states where cannabis (marijuana) businesses are allowed or being considered.
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Location: New York
Phone: 315.422.3231

Thoughtful brand communication.
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Canna Group, Inc.

Location: Pleasanton, CA
Phone: 925-523-3034

Canna Group Inc. (CGI) has been a leader since 2008 in the rapidly emerging cannabis market. CGI has an experienced and hands-on team skilled in consulting on business / project development, marketing, education / training and investment opportunities for businesses to be successful in all facets of the cannabis industry including cultivation, manufacturing and dispensaries.
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Humboldt Green

Location: Arcata, CA
Phone: 707-443-3140

Humboldt Green can help you take your farm or cannabis business from where it is right now and take it into compliance, connect you with resources, and even help write your business plan. We've also done events like the annual Cannifest, the Humboldt Garden Expo, Yes We CANN parade, and the Cannabis Farmers Workshop Series. Let our decades of experience help you take your business to the next level.
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Crawbren and Associates

Location: 1748 Tuolumne Street, Vallejo CA 94589
Phone: 510-502-8699

Organizational & Professional Business Association Development. Policy development and Lobbyist services.
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Marijuana Investment & Private Retreats (MIPR)

Location: Aurora, Colorado
Phone: 720-327-9522

Marijuana Investment & Private Retreat™ (MIPR) is designed to educate investors, Entrepreneurs and other professionals about the marijuana industry, share marijuana investment opportunities (i.e., marijuana stocks, traditional business, etc.); as well as identify legitimate marijuana stocks.
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EZ Document Preparation

Location: Brea, CA
Phone: 7147835162

We help people with the paperwork they need to start their own Storefront, Delivery, Grow, Edibles, Concentrate, etc...businesses.
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Second Sun Grow

Location: California
Phone: (424) 465-3165

Second Sun Grow has been offering professional Cannabis industry consulting and products since 2013. Our seed to sale approach allows us to guide our clients through every milestone. Grow bigger, Grow better!
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GGS Structures Inc.

Location: Vineland Station, ON
Phone: 905-562-7341

We are your equipment supply partner for commercial scale marijuana growing. Working with the top marijuana companies, and over 35 years in commercial agriculture, GGS develops complete systems that maximize production. We help growers automate and control all the elements for the best plant growth. For cannabis growers we integrate sophisticated irrigation systems with grow lighting, air filtration exchange, CO2 dosing, and heating and cooling where required. We provide computerized automation controls to integrate the entire growing system with all the requirements for each strain based on bench, or room configurations. GGS works closely with you the grower to ensure maximum production of the marijuana plant.
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D's Garden's

Location: Grants Pass Oregon
Phone: 269-543-2496

D's Garden's owner Derek Cloar is here to share his his knowledge and passion for the cannabis industry. His goal is to help provide you with a seamless entry into the Cannabis industry. Do it right, or don't do it at all!
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Location: Online
Phone: 860-391-1523

We offer premium marijuana domains for businesses across the industry. We also have many Canadian domain names.
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Healthy Headie Lifestyle, Inc.

Location: Boulder, CO
Phone: 617-231-6363

Education, demonstration and sales of cannabis vaporizers, tools and accessories in the comfort of your own home. Try it before you buy it. The Mary K of Mary J.
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Green Science Inc.

Location: Chicago IL
Phone: 312-296-8910

Green Science Inc. provides business development and product development consulting in the Cannabis industry. Our Scientific approach to problem solving creates collaborative solutions and profitable partnerships.
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NW Green Funding

Location: Located on the West coast, serving clients nationally.
Phone: 971-330-1055

NW Green Funding provide funding to Cannabis related companies. We typically do real estate related funding in the amounts of 250k-15 million. We also help fund facilities, new technology, new processes, new ventures, grows and more. We are not a bank, we represent private money sources who we have developed a relationship with throughout the years. We have done nearly 3 million in funding in the last 6 weeks in the Portland area alone, we are growing and hope to help you grow also!
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Canna Advisors

Location: U.S.

Canna Advisors was born from our experiences as pioneers in the medical cannabis industry. We have assembled a team of experts that are ready and able to help navigate through the tumultuous waters of the business. Entering into the medical cannabis industry is like no other industry on the planet. You have to be able to apply strategies that have worked before while being fluid enough to adapt and change them as regulation and market demands. As your trusted advisors, Canna Advisors will be there – with you – every step of the way!
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Accannadations Distribution

Location: Denver, CO
Phone: 7204600071

Accannadations Distribution is a cannabis products distribution company based in Denver, CO. Our mission is to help bridge the gap between cannabis vendors & suppliers with safe & secure transportation, business to business transaction, and much more. In addition to our courier services we have the qualifications and expertise needed to handle the complete distribution of your marijuana business. We offer the best in professional customer service, top quality transportation, and competitive pricing.
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SpotOn Financial

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone: 719-358-5145

SpotOn Financial is one of the first private direct lender and working capital providers specializing in the marijuana industry. SpotOn FInancial provides access to low cost loans with interest rates as low as 8.99%* and terms as long as 30 years. As a proven lender and partner we meet the capital needs of tomorrow..TODAY.
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Force Field Safety LLC

Location: El Monte, CA. 91732
Phone: 6267315778

Safety and compliance with OSHA, Training, Digital facility audits.
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THC Media Group

Location: Bellingham, Washington
Phone: (360) 525-3563

From brand, to website, to strategy, to execution, we put our clients on the map and help them make the most of their online marketing.
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Ultra Health

Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Phone: 480-404-6699

Ultra Health is a turnkey solutions provider for the specialty healthcare cannabis industry. From retail dispensaries to commercial-scale cannabis production, Ultra Health offers the unmatched technical expertise, proprietary business tools and deep industry knowledge to fulfill the specific requirements of any project related to the cannabis industry. Ultra Health partners with a broad spectrum of businesses and Tribal Nations to design, formulate and manage cannabis-related economic development opportunities that are profitable, scalable and mutually beneficial.
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3C - Comprehensive Cannabis Consulting

Location: Denver, Colorado and Nationwide
Phone: 9705962234

A unique solution for businesses hoping to enter the space responsibly and informed or for current businesses trying to scale up, we can cater solutions to help you increase efficiency and be more profitable
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Location: USA Nationwide
Phone: 844-244-0200 is a team of experienced medical marijuana professionals located in medical marijuana states all over the U.S. They are dedicated to assisting clients in securing medical marijuana licenses for cultivation and dispensary facilities and building successful MMJ businesses. DispensaryPermits recently joined forces with MariMed Advisors. MariMed Advisors (MariMed) provides total solutions for the design, development, operation, funding and optimization of medical cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries.
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Jennifer O'Dell Sample - Real Estate AGent

Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 9712034188

Specializing in servicing the real estate needs of Cannabis Industry Professionals.
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Ramona Gonzales Consulting

Location: NYC/LA
Phone: 917.806.0785

Digital Advertising & Technology Consulting for the Cannabis Industry
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Highest Reward

Location: Boulder, CO

Highest Reward is a Human Resources company offering fundamental HR outsourcing services. We specialize solely in the legal Cannabis space and are members of the CanopyBoulder business accelerator. Our mission is to make Cannabis one of the "Top Rated Industries to Work." We make HR easy, compliant, and affordable by putting the right tools in your hand and providing experts when you need them on demand.
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Location: Boulder, Colorado
Phone: (303) 598-2556

With CanniGrow you will find all the necessary information needed to grow your own high quality cannabis. Experienced Colorado cannabis growers disclose proven techniques that will help you reach maximum yields, strong aromas, and satisfying taste. We can assist you with private grow consultations for all of your cultivation needs. We offer full set up & installation for any size operation to get you growing today!
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TheSpringList Consulting

Location: Portland, OR
Phone: 503-442-3794

If you are looking to open a dispensary or need help taking your business to the next level, we are here to help!<br /> <br /> We offer a free one on one initial consultation where we can asses your businesses needs and put together a tailored package for you!<br /> <br /> Some of our Services include:<br /> ​<br /> > Basic Start-up<br /> ​> Licencing and Compliance <br /> ​> Marketing and Advertising Campaigns<br /> ​> Product Branding and Packaging<br /> ​> Employee Hiring and Training<br /> ​> Day-to-Day Operations<br /> ​> Taxes and Bookkeeping Assistance<br /> ​> Event Planning and Management<br /> ​> Membership with<br /> <br /> We offer consults big or small state wide.
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Hygro Condos LLC

Location: Online
Phone: 1-725-529-0809

HYGRO CONDOS, LLC is a real estate purchaser, developer and manager of specific use industrial properties providing “Condo” style turn-key grow facilities.
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Location: U.S.

WeedBiz is a medical marijuana consulting firm with solutions and resources for every level of the legal cannabis industry. WeedBiz is staffed by master cannabis growers, extraction experts, business consultants, marketing consultants and video production specialists. In addition, we maintain an extensive network of legal, manufacturing/supply chain and other ancillary contacts to provide you with end-to-end solutions for getting your new cannabusiness off the ground.
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Guardian Data Systems

Location: California/Washington
Phone: 888-900-0420

Guardian Data Systems and MBank have partnered to provide the cannabis industry with a comprehensive and FinCEN compliant suite of banking products and services. With over 10 years of direct cannabisGuardian Data Systems, founded in 2008, Guardian has built an unparalleled reputation as the undisputed thought leader in the development of compliant comprehensive financial management, payment, and banking solutions for the cannabis industry. Guardian Data Systems delivers “ROAR”, the most complete cannabis software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) solutions vertically integrated across all your operations. Whether your Cannabis business focuses on growing, processing, testing, dispensing, delivering, or all of the above, the ROAR cannabis software solutions have you covered. We give you the power to automate, gain insight to your data, stay compliant and control costs. Get ready to ROAR!
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3C Consulting

Location: Denver, Colorado
Phone: 7204692662

The 3C team brings years of practice in agriculture and farming, architecture and engineering, project management, facilities management, development of best practices, education, strategy, marketing, legal compliance, and, of course, cannabis cultivation and processing. From navigating the legal complexities of license acquisition to marketing and distributing the final product - and everything in between – we have expertise and experience to craft the optimal solution for your short term and long term goals.
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Location: Toronto, Ontario
Phone: 416-939-6143

CannaSystems is an early startup business in Canada. We are driving the bio-fibre production & consumer demand markets in the green carbon technology sector. Objective is to create sales into existing industrial markets on a large scale in order to develop the industrial cannabis sector rapidly in a results-oriented system.
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The JWO Group

Location: San Jose, CA
Phone: 401-369-2467

The JWO Group is a marketing consultancy that is dedicated to identifying measurable marketing tactics to drive sales. Recently restructured a marketing department to focus on lead generation, managing its digital/email marketing and SEO initiatives. We have a solid expertise conducting customer interviews, analyzing internal customer data plus external research to create customer profiles and understand how a customer engages throughout the customer relationship sales cycle.
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Hollowaty Group, LLC

Location: Chicago, IL (serving clients anywhere)
Phone: 646-823-6395

Hollowaty Group, LLC is an independent business strategy consulting firm dedicated to helping companies and investors in the legalized cannabis space perform at a higher level.
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Green Mountain Consulting

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada
Phone: 250-889-7044

Based on Vancouver Island, Green Mountain Consulting provides business, tech, and regulatory consulting to the medical marijuana industry in Canada. We provide solutions to authorized producers, dispensaries, and companies seeking to invest in the Canadian MMJ market.
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Location: United States
Phone: 18555534381

PhytoSciences Cannabis Lab Consulting's mission is to establish standards within the laboratory testing & marijuana product development sector.
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Iris Inc.

Location: Denver, Co

Iris Inc. is a fully integrated event management, marketing and business development company. While we come from an event company background, we have become marketing specialists and our team is on the forefront of the digital movement. We work diligently to create outlasting partnerships through the alignment of like-minded individuals and businesses to create growth and strength among our groups. This is networking at its finest, we connect the dots.
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SafePak Corporation

Location: United States
Phone: 5035420935

SafePak Corporation provides Electronic Key Control and Access Control for asset management and tracking. We offer the smartest and safest way to control building access and manage valuable assets, including medication and cash. SafePak is a lean, nimble and low­-cost product developer, providing hands­-on customer service and affordable custom work.
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Location: Online

MedMen is a medical marijuana licensing and management company with years of experience helping clients enter the field of medical marijuana.
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CBD BankCard

Location: Scottsdale, AZ 85251
Phone: 480-818-5251

Merchant Services and Payment Processing company specifically catering to the CBD/Hemp/Cannabis industry.
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Location: Asheville, NC
Phone: 855-855-3687

Payment Solutions Provider for the Legal Cannabis Industry.
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The Center for Palliative Care (The C.P.C.)

Location: 74 South Lucile, Seattle Washington 98134
Phone: 8889721555

The Center for Palliative Care (The C.P.C.) is a medical cannabis dispensary and R&D firm in the Georgetown area of Seattle Washington. Since 2009 we have been operating as a fully recognized Washington nonprofit to assist those in our community who seek alternative medicines, conjunctive therapies, and doctor recommended cannabinoid treatments under Chapter 69.51A RCW in the State of Washington.
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Fred Green Consulting

Location: Princeton, MA
Phone: 5083956321

Engaged by clients nationwide, specializing in cannabis facility design and operation, both greenhouse and indoor, with a focus on production efficiency and effective environmental control.
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Ez Chem Consulting

Location: Ontario, California - USA
Phone: 617-429-0983

We offer educational services on a one-to-one basis. During a private consultation you can learn how to make any extract or infused product. We can also provide hands on instruction at your location. We are available for private consultations, classroom lectures, and speaking appointments.
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Consult Hire

Location: Denver, Colorado
Phone: (800) 720-4143

Consult Hire helps Ganjapreneurs from all markets in the Cannabis Industry take their businesses to the next level of success. By aligning our clients with powerful business development tools and strategies, we put them on the leading edge on their competition. There are few consulting firms that touch on the many facets of business sustainability like Consult Hire. We specialize in working with clients who have insane passion and desire to realize their business dreams.
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MedCann Advisors

Location: National
Phone: 315-534-9278

MedCann Advisors, LLC provides the missing connection necessary to navigate the rapidly growing and intricate medical cannabis industry. Our vast and specialized knowledge of every aspect of the medical cannabis industry – from licensing to grow to dispensary – gives our clients a respected and coveted edge in an increasingly competitive medical cannabis industry. MedCann provides project management to new and emerging medical cannabis businesses providing the knowledge and peace of mind necessary to navigate a process far beyond submitting an application.
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Sustainable Cannabis Certification and Consulting

Location: New Paltz NY
Phone: 845-399-4800

SCC is a small firm with a great deal of experience in the world of safety and quality standards consulting including Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), HACCP based risk assessment, development of QMS and SOPs and related training, supply chain auditing and risk assessment audits for clients such as insurers,cannabis business buyers and cannabis wholesalers.
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C1A - Canna One Advisors

Location: Nationwide
Phone: 844-422-6621

Expert consultants in the cannabis industry can assist you in buying, selling and/or investing in marijuana related businesses.
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Mind Drop Studios Video Productions

Location: Colorado
Phone: 541-285-6251

Leading edge video production and creative consulting services for start-ups and entrepreneurs, with tailored marketing packages for alcohol and cannabis industry professionals. Based in Colorado, serving all compliant markets in the U.S. and Canada.
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Green Delta Consulting LLC

Location: Asheville, NC
Phone: 719.207.1133

Green Delta Consulting provides consulting solutions to cannabis businesses nationwide at any stage of development. Green Delta Consulting can aid cannabis entrepreneurs at any stage from planning and application process to deployment and build out to ongoing support. We also partner with Adilas LLC, which is a proven seed-to-sale tracking system that is currently used in almost every state that allows for the sale of cannabis. We take a systematic yet individualistic approach to creating cannabis businesses that will thrive both in the short term and long term.
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Greenhouse Ventures LLC

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 610-406-7505

A business accelerator specific for ancillary startups in the cannabis and hemp industries. Through a ten-week curriculum-based program GHV teaches startups how to build a sustainable business model while best positioning them to fundraise up to $2M in seed or growth capital.
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Brightfield Group

Location: Tempa
Phone: 866-395-9661

Brightfield Group helps companies make smarter business decisions by providing a complete analysis of the Cannabis market and its consumers. Leverage our insight and full staff of analysts to identify the best investment opportunities, conduct due diligence, build pitch books, develop new business, find partnerships, and more!
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The THC Firm

Location: Online/MO/AR
Phone: 417-569-8141

The THC Firm has the desire to help those in need and the drive to change the cannabis industry. The THC Firm is a cannabis industry consulting firm in the highly regulated medicinal marijuana industry in North America. The THC Firm offers services including: education, license application and procurement, business development, financial modeling, facility design and assists investors and other businesses with getting into the industry.
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Pinnacle Consultation

Location: Colorado Springs, CO
Phone: 719-330-5301

Pinnacle Consultation offers Cannabis Business Consulting and Cultivation Services including state license application assistance, business plans, financial projections, marijuana grow facility design, strategic yield maximization, IPM, and more! Call today: 719.330.5301.
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Next Big Crop Consulting

Location: Colorado, USA
Phone: 303-759-1300

Next Big Crop Consulting was formed to bridge the gap between large scale horticultural practices and proven cannabis cultivation techniques. Our main focus has been designing, building and operating some of the most technologically advanced cannabis facilities within legal markets across the country.
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Nutrient Guru

Location: San Francisco
Phone: 202.213.9512

Want to increase yields, shorten crop cycles, and reduce water & fertilizer use? Try OMRI-listed, Clean Green Certified nutrients from Nutrient Guru - in recent trials, our Grower's Secret Professional increased yield by 17%.
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MariMed Advisors

Location: USA: Nationwide
Phone: 844-244-0200

MariMed Advisors (MariMed) provides total solutions for the design, development, operation, optimization and funding of medical cannabis cultivation centers and dispensaries. The MariMed team developed the highly regarded, state of the art and regulatory compliant, Thomas C. Slater Compassionate Center in Rhode Island, which serves as replicable and scalable model of excellence. It merges commercial horticultural principles with proven cannabis production techniques. With its affiliate,, MariMed has secured both award winning license applications and market shares for its clients in 7 states across the country including CA, DC, AZ, NJ, RI, DE and NV, creating one of the best track records in the industry. MariMed provides turn‐key management, staffing, personnel training, and funding, while implementing best practices in the industry. MariMed delivers the highest quality, most comprehensive blueprint for success from license application to sale of product. <br />
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Location: Olympia, Washington

CannaNexus is here to assist you and get your new or current cannabis business flourishing. Just like a plant needs a certain amount of sun, water, and nutrients, your business needs structure and planning to reach its full potential. Let our experience in opening and managing a successful business in this budding industry work for you!
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Build Grow Renew

Location: Long Beach, CA
Phone: 562-305-0965

Build Grow Renew will help you successfully get your business going while following the many new laws, restrictions, taxes, fees, and regulations that are popping up almost daily. BGR can help with both B2B and B2C businesses. Our years of experience in retail and wholesale businesses will help you develop the most successful cannabis venture. Our service is just that: professional help to get you in compliance and up and running for business. BGR is not a seller of software or HR services, cultivators or marketers. We are real help for real business. We possess the resources and a wealth of knowledge and experience in practical retail & wholesale businesses to help your cannabis venture succeed. From fixtures to safes to seed-to-sale software, Build Grow Renew will connect you to vetted business partners and make your job easier with BGR as your one stop shop for assistance in the help you need.
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Microbial Compliance Specialist

Location: USA
Phone: 720-277-9611

We specialize in helping production facilities implement and maintain a seamless microbial free production line utilizing FDA approved methods.
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Location: USA, Nationwide

The world's first real estate exchange platform exclusively for the legal cannabis market and zoning research.
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LCS Denver, LLC

Location: Denver
Phone: (720)663-0425

At LCS Denver, LLC we are currently providing services to clients within the industry. We understand the importance of security and we want to provide peace of mind. We understand the importance of branding and want to provide you with the assistance you need to set your business apart from the competition. LCS Denver, LLC provides professional IT and creative consulting services that you can count on.
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Charlotte's Cure

Location: Wisconsin
Phone: 6083174151

Trust Your Intuition! Charlotte's Cure is the first women's online cannabis support community and marketplace. Join us and connect with women like you!
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Evolve Workforce, LLC

Location: United States, Nationwide

We are a drug test consulting firm who specializes in helping employers adjust their drug testing for legal marijuana. As many marijuana users know, marijuana stays in the human body for up to 30 days after use. As a result, many who use medical or recreational cannabis can face employer discrimination and possible termination. We think that is wrong where marijuana is legal. There can be a balance found between drug testing and legal marijuana users. We want to help American industry transition to a more sensible drug testing program that accounts for legalized marijuana. What is the motivation for an employer to make such an adjustment? Avoiding lawsuits. Even though courts have sided with employers so far, litigation costs money and time. No employers want to waste either. The drug testing issue is not going away. As conflicts continue to arise between employers and employees over legal marijuana our aim is to contribute to the role of addressing drug testing.
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GreenRush Investors®

Location: Edgewater, NJ

Our core interest is in the vanguard of the cannabis industry. From our early days focused on publicly traded companies to our current asset class consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies that are not publicly traded on a stock exchange. We monitor all companies that are either directly involved or indirectly involved in the cannabis industry.
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Ganja Law, PLLC

Location: Nationwide
Phone: 1-844-426-5529

Ganja Law, PLLC is the industry's one-stop legal expert, defense, and a leading source of knowledge. Our firm will handle your legal and/or business issues from seed to sale and all points in between. Should the issue be licensing, compliance, MED consulting, criminal defense, investment related, or industry related such as cannabis business law and specialized contracts, we will get the job done.
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Absolutely Affordable H.R. and Staffing Inc.

Location: United States
Phone: 5038474212

We are are a passionate company, whom enjoys supporting the legal, medical marijuana industry nationally. Many of our staff have had life changing medical healing with help of medicinal green products, and we enjoy supporting green employers and job seekers alike. We use our years of experience and national recruiter and employer network to be of service in employment and full human resource support. For green employers; we have; federally insured banks, open minded medical and workers compensation insurance partners; and H.R. / PEO services that will save you immensely on taxation and overhead / operating costs of running your; clinics, dispensaries, delivery, or other green businesses.
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Location: U.S.A.

Endexx is the "Collaboration Corporation". Our mission is to harness the power of talented people through technology, the science of management and the spirit of capitalism to create new businesses and foster the growth of the entrepreneurial spirit.
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