Emerald Peak Partners

Emerald Peak Partners is a national cannabis advisory firm, where we focus on leading and guiding our partners through the challenging years ahead. Our expertise in restructuring, corporate governance, interim management and operational improvement allows businesses to reach their full potential and sustain success.

The team behind Emerald Peak Partners has the industry’s deepest track record of achievement in managing complex balance sheet restructurings, capital raises and M&A while accelerating profitability.


Tackling complex operational and financial challenges with our fiduciary services, maximizing stakeholder value and driving crucial change and performance.

Independent director services which bring unbiased expertise and guidance, ensuring the company's best interests are met while maintaining good corporate governance.

Independent board services related to restructuring, reorganization and activism offering experienced guidance in navigating complex corporate transformations, ensuring optimal outcomes for stakeholders.

Stakeholder-appointed board member or observer representing the interests of shareholders, fostering transparency and facilitating communication between the board and stakeholders.

Receivership services that protects the client’s interests during distressed situations, overseeing asset management, and maximizing recovery through an orderly sale or asset transfer.

Interim management services bringing temporary, skilled leadership to navigate through transitional periods or address specific operational challenges while providing unique skillsets in balance sheet optimization and M&A.

Consulting services that leverage true industry expertise in every vertical and tailored strategies to help clients optimize their operations, enhance performance, and achieve high-value goals.

Advisory services that deliver customized financial guidance, risk mitigation strategies, and data-driven insights to foster informed decision-making and drive sustainable growth.


Tim Bossidy

Tim specializes in financial and operational advisory, interim management and turnaround management across the cannabis, retail and CPG sectors.

Tom Lynch

Tom has over two decades of experience in capital markets and a deep focus on restructuring, workouts, recapitalizations, M&A, secondary market transactions, as well as strategic planning and execution for cannabis companies.