Cannabis Software: Seed-To-Sale, Marketplace, POS, and More

From business management software, to POS systems, to wholesale purchasing and public-facing applications, these software services are designed to help cannabis industry businesses grow. Learn about the companies providing software solutions to cannabis retailers, growers, and medical dispensaries below.

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Location: Online

On-Demand Technology for Patient Access to Medical Cannabis. Patient Management Platform for Doctors & Service Providers. Grassp It.
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Trust Jane

Location: Denver, CO

The Jane Kiosk is a powerful integrated resource to increase sales, improve the customer relationship interface, economize work flow processing and ensure infallible cash management and compliance solutions, one and done!
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Location: Califonia
Phone: 877-749-3533

PROTEUS420 is a seed-to-sale POS that specializes in the Recreational and Medical Cannabis operations. Full Report compliance for CTS and METRC. Ease of Use, Business Innovative, and Customer Focused we offer 24/7 LIVE support as needed.
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WeedFinder - Cannabis Business Directory

Location: Missouri
Phone: 2815769150

Weed Reader is a new online magazine for the new age in cannabis culture. Weed Reader is dedicated to covering the issues of the day, being a voice for education, legalization and full utilization of the cannabis plant. It also maintains a Cannabis directory at where people can look up contact details of doctors, dispensaries, lawyers, researchers and more.
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Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 971-276-3371 is the Point of Sale system for Oregon OMMP and Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries.
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Cannabis Cash Solutions

Location: California
Phone: 559-761-0883

Cannabis Cash Solutions provides secure cash handling services for your marijuana dispensary. Our Smart Cash Vault accepts cash and dispenses change like a human cashier so your budtenders never have to handle your cash again. Marijuana POS and marijuana kiosk developers will benefit from our payment device integration software which makes it simple for your application to quickly interface with complex cash payment devices.
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Guardian Data Systems

Location: California/Washington
Phone: 888-900-0420

Guardian Data Systems and MBank have partnered to provide the cannabis industry with a comprehensive and FinCEN compliant suite of banking products and services. With over 10 years of direct cannabisGuardian Data Systems, founded in 2008, Guardian has built an unparalleled reputation as the undisputed thought leader in the development of compliant comprehensive financial management, payment, and banking solutions for the cannabis industry. Guardian Data Systems delivers “ROAR”, the most complete cannabis software with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Point of Sale (POS) solutions vertically integrated across all your operations. Whether your Cannabis business focuses on growing, processing, testing, dispensing, delivering, or all of the above, the ROAR cannabis software solutions have you covered. We give you the power to automate, gain insight to your data, stay compliant and control costs. Get ready to ROAR!
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Location: San Francisco and Fremont Offices
Phone: 888-318-6162

Treez is an enterprise software platform that optimizes and automates cannabis dispensary operations, creating a cooperative ecosystem that allows operators to continually improve every aspect of their business, from employee management, to inventory control, to patient hospitality. By automatically enforcing best practices across the platform and collecting valuable data from every corner of your business, Treez offers something wholly unique to operators, large and small.
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The SkunkWorkZ Online, Inc.

Location: Bonita Springs, FL
Phone: 800-537-9407 ext 1

Secure communications via sFTP, secure encrypted email and secure encrypted chat. Keep your private communications private. We also are very big supporters of encrypting data 'at rest' which is where most breeches occur.
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Location: Online

EazeMD is a proprietary mobile technology platform that allows new and renewing patients to connect with independent, board-certified physicians via video teleconferencing for medical marijuana evaluations.
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Location: Online offers a comprehensive software solution for dispensary owners and cannabis industry businesses. We provide an automated solution for employee tracking, inventory tracking, client management, point of sale, cash tracking, seed to sale reporting, financial accounting, grow space management, and other essential business tools.
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Location: online is a real-time map based person to person network that helps individuals in the marijuana community anonymously connect to other individuals located in their area using the internet. Users choose their role as vendors, buyers, workers or employers and create a user profile which is then shown on a map allowing other users to easily survey the cannabis related goods and services available in their area. Visit to use this marijuana web app!
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WebJoint - Dispensary & Delivery Software

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Phone: 1-800-870-7976

All in one management software and traceability platform for marijuana dispensaries and delivery services. WebJoint offers a white-labeled solution to clients for their own customized website integration to enable online ordering and patient/user registration and verification.
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Adherence Compliance

Location: Denver, Colorado
Phone: 720-616-3900

Adherence Colorado is the market leader in automated regulatory compliance and revenue assurance services for the cannabis industry. Our team conducts state-of-the-art, real-time compliance audits and inventory reconciliation for licensed medical and retail marijuana businesses, and our proprietary software also provides valuable information for banks, investors and insurers.
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Green Mountain Solutions

Location: Denver, CO
Phone: 7204370611

We are a software and consulting company. On the software side we offer a Learning (LMS) and Knowledge (KMS) Management System. We also offer Human Resource consulting including: compliance, culture development, hiring, training, leadership, and team building.
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Ample Organics

Location: North America
Phone: 1-866-691-8407

Ample Organics’ ERP software is a comprehensive toolset for managing the growth, manufacturing, distribution, and sale of medicinal marijuana, and is designed with an emphasis on helping you easily comply with evolving government regulations.
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Location: Colorado

Mmjmenu is the best choice for Colorado medical marijuana business owners that want to stay compliant with state laws & regulations.
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Location: Orem, Utah
Phone: 801-932-1100

The #1 requested add-on for QuickBooks, Fishbowl is the industry leader in inventory and order management software. With full manufacturing ability and features such as serial number, lot number and expiration date tracking, Fishbowl has helped thousands of wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers lower operational costs and increase profits.
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Location: Online
Phone: 323-510-6844

NuggMD lets people in California get a medical marijuana card through a quick and easy online process. Just create an account, fill out a basic medical questionnaire, and chat with a licensed California physician to get your doctor's recommendation for medical cannabis. Afterwards, enjoy a free $20 credit to order delivery online through, where you'll find menus of reliable California dispensaries who will deliver to your address.
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Green Leaf Drivers

Location: San Diego

We are the first all in one management software for cannabis dispensaries and collectives, including the first smart delivery system in the industry. Optimized time and resources and full tracking and control of sales and inventory.
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Location: 165, Cambridge Road, Woburn, MA - 01801, United States
Phone: 800-416-8841

Mobiloitte is a next-gen IoT and app solutions development company with offices in New Delhi, US, New Zealand and Singapore. We mainly focus on Quality of code, Scalability for high performance, and user experience for target audience of our clients’ specific business needs. We are an ISO 9001:2008 and NSIC certified company.
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VERIFY MC Medical Cannabis Software

Location: California
Phone: 3232833266

VERIFY MC provides HIPAA compliant software that is designed specifically for cannabis industry professionals. Our industry leading, cloud based software solutions are designed for cannabis physicians, caregivers and dispensaries.
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Location: Seattle, Washington

Leafly is the world’s largest cannabis information resource. We make the process of finding the right strains and products for you fast, simple, and comfortable. Whether you’re new to cannabis, a medical marijuana patient, or a seasoned consumer, Leafly is the perfect destination for you.
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Legal Marijuana Finder

Location: United States

Legal Marijuana Finder Is A Community For Medical Marijuana Patients To Directly Interact With The Medical Marijuana Provider. Legal Marijuana Finder Ensures You To Provide Safe And Tested Products From Genuine Dispensaries And Suppliers. We have thousands of registered suppliers of medicinal marijuana that provides legal marijuana medicines for medical marijuana patients.
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Green Bits

Location: CA, CO, OR, WA
Phone: 877.420.7628

The simple but powerful POS designed to help marijuana dispensaries focus on their profits instead of the pains of inventory traceability. In less a year we gained 50% of the Washington recreational retail market, and we've never lost a customer!
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Location: U.S.
Phone: (541) 450-9061

At Greenmed, we aim to bring customers a simple but powerful cloud-based solution for managing their dispensary.
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Location: Online

Comprehensive software solution for dispensary owners and cannabis industry businesses. We provide an automated solution for employee tracking, inventory tracking, client management, point of sale, cash tracking, seed to sale reporting, financial accounting, grow space management, and other essential business tools.
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420 Cornucopia

Location: online

Create a 420 Cornucopia social media account or log in. Connect on the marijuana network with like minded friends, family and other people you know who enjoy herbal smoke.
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Location: Santa Monica, CA
Phone: 8507783389

Imagine an app that lets you schedule your cannabis pick-up and delivery orders while learning what you like and making recommendations on new products you haven’t tried yet – all while earning rewards. Welcome to Woahstork.
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Cannabis Reports

Location: Western US
Phone: 1.844.984.2223 x.702

Cannabis Reports is an industry pioneer providing open access to organized cannabis information. The website provides consumers information and a recommendation engine. In addition, we also offer cannabis enterprises an extensive suite of business management tools. Our powerful open API provides access to an ever-growing database of over 25,000 cannabis strains, extracts, edibles, products, seed companies, retailers & producers. UPC labeling & cannabis specific identifiers make our tools easy & accessible to anyone and provide powerful business tools.
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Location: California

Earn money recommending and selling cannabis products.
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Stemless Co

Location: Portland, OR
Phone: 5036622241

Stemless is an online-ordering platform that enables consumers to access cannabis from their local dispensaries easily, safely and legally using their smart phone, tablet or computer. Its proprietary technology automates user verification and courier dispatch to hand-deliver cannabis to its customers using tracked delivery.
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Location: Denver, CO

AMERCANEX was founded with the sole-purpose to ensure a completely transparent, neutral and non-manipulated marketplace for institutional cannabis industry participants while strictly adhering-to and centralizing regulatory and reporting requirements to local & regional regulatory authority.
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Bud Stamp

Location: Santa Ana, Ca.
Phone: 844-420-5070

The Only Custom Branded Mobile Marijuana Loyalty Program for Marijuana retailers with a Smart Stamp for Simple, Secure and Verifiable Loyalty.
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Location: Florida
Phone: 800-797-4711

The industries only true seed-to-sale Medical Marijuana Dispensary Software and POS System! BioTrackTHC was designed to not only offer you a turn-key Medical Marijuana Dispensary POS system to meet state regulations, but to actually enhance every aspect of your medical marijuana business.
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Location: 732 5th St. Suite I, Eureka, CA, 95501
Phone: 7077986199

Farm Management Services firm offering cannabis permitting/licensing assistance, compliance management, HR & Business Services.
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Location: Online

We are a Grub hub style Internet market place. Our goal is to provide delivery, and brick and mortar dispensaries an online system by which to differentiate themselves inexpensively. Virtually list and sell their products while reaching out to new patients.
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