Software built to streamline distribution and manufacturing. Distru provides inventory, order, and customer management for cannabis companies in a centralized platform.


Blaine Hatab - CEO

Technical background including software and hardware product launches as well as running a software consulting business. Multiple years of experience in cannabis with a passion for helping the cannabis industry mature.

Johnny Ji - CTO

Previously Lead Engineer of Fitplan where he architected the original API and lead the backend engineering team. Lead project engineer at Cumul8, where he architected enterprise grade Data Visualization ERP software.

Azam Khan - Sales Director

Azam Khan is a co-founder of Distru, software for cannabis distributors and manufacturers that provides inventory management, order fulfillment, and CRM functionality in a centralized platform. He is also a founding member of the Cannaslack community. Azam is dedicated to bringing quality content to cannabis professionals and investors.