Proteus 420

Proteus420 is the only real-time, fully-featured business solution that has been created specifically for the Medical Marijuana Industry. Both powerful and secure, we can assist all levels of business from Dispensary to Delivery through our medical marijuana and dispensary software, and provide all the tools you will need to save your business Time and Money!
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Proteus420 comes equipped with restaurant-style POS capabilities. The display is friendly to navigate with images of items, edibles and concentrates to easy product selection. A barcode reader can be added for ease of scan to POS transactions.

Seed to Sale

The Proteus420 system has complete Seed-to-Sale capabilities. The GROW Module allows for specific garden rooms to be created virtually. Seedlings, Mothers and Clones can each be tracked by a unique UPC Number. Assign specific staff to monitor individual gardens or plants, create projects and track completion and monitor the gardens through each stage of growth. Height at each stage can be tracked, as well as nutrients and conditioners being added.

Inventory Management

Receive items into inventory from various vendors, assign inventory to specific categories and adjust pricing - all from one page - in Real-Time. Proteus420 is designed to track each gram of inventory and every dollar associated with it.

Patient Management

A large patient base is easy to manage with Proteus420. Current doctor recommendations, valid ID cards and images of patients are tracked in the system. Patients with an expired recommendation are not able to be checked-in, maintain compliance within the operation.

Online Ordering

For increased efficiency and revenue, the Online Pre-Order capabilities of Proteus420 cannot be beat. Patients use a password protected online menu to order. Patients can preorder items for in-store pickup or delivery.

Reports & Compliance

From the moment that you “Open Store” with Proteus420, everything is tracked and reported. How many bills of each denomination, each patient that checked in, every new patient that joined and all transactions associated with each patient is tracked, recorded and reported in “Current Activities”. Inventory levels and low inventory alerts are displayed in Real-Time. Each gram and every dollar associated with it is reportable with Proteus420.