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Find providers of cannabis retail packaging and related products/services. Whether you are a producer who needs to package your product for retail, or a medical collective that needs to meet certain regulatory requirements, these companies can help you find a solution.

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Featured Businesses

eBottles 420:

eBottles 420

Location: Online
Phone: 888-215-0023

The ultimate online resource for packaging supplies: we offer multiple options for every item you would possibly need, from vape cartridges to concentrate jars to child-resistant bottles.
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J.L. Clark

Location: Illinois
Phone: 815-961-5675

Leading manufacturer of innovative custom decorated metal and injection molded plastic solutions to serve production & promotional needs. We bring cannabis products to life with distinctive packaging!
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420 Packaging

Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada
Phone: 702-758-3420

420 Packaging is your one-stop wholesale shop for all your dispensaries, collectives, and co-op packaging needs.
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Wood Art Pipes and Smoke Stones

Location: Ocala, Florida
Phone: 352-470-7352

My husband and I are disabled bikers and woodturning artists. We design beautiful wood art pipes and smoke stones from logs of wood on a wood lathe. We also design home decor for home and the office.
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Stink Sack

Location: New York

Stink Sack creates innovative cannabis storage solutions for consumers, growers, dispensaries, and recreational marijuana stores. From our signature smell proof bags to our groundbreaking child resistant bags, we are the go to source for great packaging that furthers the legitimacy and acceptance of cannabis.
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Meridian Merchandising

Location: Olympia, WA
Phone: 360-402-8696

Manufacture of automated packaging machines and packages for the cannabis industry. We are bringing automation to the industry. If it's buds, edibles, liquid, powder, solids, we can package it. We also manufacture the best nylon poly bags in the industry.
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Hemp Born

Location: Online
Phone: 208-856-0563

Future Proofing Baby Safety with 100% hemp plastic baby products and beyond. The majority of modern plastics are made from crude oil and we are creating a safe biodegradable alternative for our future babies.
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Location: 25188 Genesee Trail Road, Unit 50, Golden, CO 80401

Doranix is a designer and manufacturer of innovative industrial printers and label printer-applicators for product identification and bar-coding serving the medical, food and other packaging industries.
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Green Packaging Services

Location: Portland, OR
Phone: (503) 893-8323

We provide a wide-range of customizable products for retail dispensaries such as bags, lighters, rolling papers, tray, grinders and concentrate packaging. You can use our custom product designer to design your own layout or have us create one for you! Check out our eco-friendly and child-resistant inventory as well.
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Copious Bags LLC

Location: California, USA
Phone: 888-503-2226

Copious Bags™ is a family owned and operated packaging company that designs, manufactures, and distributes selective collections of stand up pouches worldwide. We offer competitive wholesale pricing, superior quality bags and low quantity minimums.
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High Supply

Location: Colorado
Phone: 303-359-3823

Colorado-based distribution company specializing in child resistant packaging solutions for the cannabis industry.
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Location: San Francisco & Los Angeles
Phone: 804-476-8269

Welcome to Potbox: the leading premium marijuana subscription club. We curate the highest quality, most ethically-grown medical cannabis available and deliver it fresh from the farm directly to your door each month.
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Location: Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-829-2520

DCG One is a full-service marketing and packaging firm with a wide-range of services supporting the unique needs of companies in the dispensary and recreational cannabis markets. We are the Northwest market leader in developing specialty packaging for the cannabis industry. Give us a call. We're ready (and more importantly, able) to help!
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Freund Container

Location: online
Phone: 800-363-9822

Freund is a leading supplier of in-stock, rigid packaging for all industries including cannabis packaging. Find child-resistant jars, pop top & dropper bottles, exit bags, display jars, concentrate jars and more, all with no minimums.
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Location: Denver, CO
Phone: 844.GOT.FUNK

FunkSac™ is an odor-barrier bag made of FDA approved plastic and is made in the United States by a veteran-owned company. Not only is it made of odor-barrier technology but it is also tamper evident and options for child-resistant. You got the funk? We got your bag!™
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Brandsy Cannabis Creative

Location: Seattle
Phone: 206-790-6088

Branding and Packaging Design Specialists. Also logo & web design and marketing.
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Location: Denver, Washington, Kansas City
Phone: 720-212-8106

We specialize in Child Resistant Exit Bags. We carry patented, fully certified exit bags. Custom printing, colors, and sizes available.
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Blazin Bottles

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone: 817-559-1358

Blazin Bottles is a pipe manufacturer out of Colorado Springs that transforms both recycled and decorative bottles into elegant steamroller smoking devices using its patent pending process! Blazin Bottles is also the only pipe manufacturer in the state of Colorado that donates a percentage of its profits to 6 different charities!
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Kush Bottles

Location: Orange County, Seattle, & Denver
Phone: 888-920-5874

Kush Bottles is the leading national supplier of custom and compliant cannabis packaging, with locations in Orange County, Seattle, and Denver
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Sun Grown Packaging

Location: Oakland, CA
Phone: 510-577-6784

Grow your cannabis business with sustainable patent-pending child resistant packaging made in the USA. Sun Grown Packaging is a family–owned and operated, full-service packaging solution provider located in Oakland, California. Backed by more than 35 years of experience in innovative packaging design and manufacturing, Sun Grown specializes in sustainably produced child-resistant packaging for today’s growing medical cannabis industry.
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Green Chief

Location: Wisconsin
Phone: 1-414-763-3382

Green Chief was started as an easy one stop shop for cannabis dispensaries and head shops. With our production capabilities we can offer standard/stock jars and packaging but also have the ability to produce custom jars to fulfill your needs. It is our goal and job to supply you with your packaging needs to keep your customers and business operations running smoothly.
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Elevate Packaging

Location: Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-276-4554

Eco-Friendly Cannabis Packaging Experts. Boxes, Bags, Containers & Labels. Complete Source for Sustainable Marijuana Packaging Solutions! Choose from Compostable, Recycled, and Recycle-friendly.
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Location: Elkridge, MD Eastcoast Carson, CA Westcoast
Phone: 301-356-9096

Since 2009, Cannaline has been supplying the medical cannabis industry with the highest quality marijuana packaging for both flower and concentrates.All of our products can be custom printed at no additional charge with very reasonable minimum order quantities.
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Marijuana Packaging

Location: Commerce, CA
Phone: (888) 315-2453

Marijuana Packaging is the industry leader in bringing high quality dispensary packaging and recreational products to the alternative medicine markets.
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Shatter Labels

Location: Los Angeles
Phone: 323-522-5916

If you are interested in customizing your shatter envelopes, cannabis product or other promotional merchandise, simply contact us for a Quote. We specialize in branding Cannabis Businesses like yours, and have provided our services to renown and recognized extracts companies like Vader Extracts, Mama Ganja Edibles, Dab Wizard, Dabs Magazine, Cannabis Nation Inc, Jedi Labs, California Gold Rush Extracts and many more.
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eBottles 420

Location: Online
Phone: 888-215-0023

The ultimate online resource for packaging supplies: we offer multiple options for every item you would possibly need, from vape cartridges to concentrate jars to child-resistant bottles.
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MMC Depot

Location: 5601 Logan Street, Denver or
Phone: 303-297-9955

MMC Depot, a wholesale packaging division of 100 year old packaging company, Central Bag, offers the best in packaging for edibles, concentrates, or flower to dispensaries across the US. With decades of retail packaging experience serving multiple industries, MMC Depot offers only the best quality child-resistant containers, exit bags, jars and tinctures for all forms of medical marijuana products.
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Location: Denver, CO
Phone: 844-842-2800

We provide Child Resistant Packaging systems including custom designed components and machines to produce easily in your own operation. These packages include both single dose and multi dose blister cards and pouches as well as recloseable packages.
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Big Sky Packaging

Location: New York, NY

Big Sky designs and manufactures custom packaging solutions, both primary and secondary packaging, as well as promotional/seasonal items.
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Location: Carlsbad, CA
Phone: (760) 438-0420

CannaPack is a full service custom cannabis product packaging firm. We focus on all cannabis related packaging types including Edibles, Vape, Beverages, and Accessories. From concept and branding to mockup and eventual production and delivery, we have the full range of capabilities for your cannabis related products.
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Stash Fresh

Location: Online

Stash Fresh offers innovative, customizable-to-brand packaging solutions including child-safety lock and airtight containers. We are also a custom product design and development house, so we can help our clients either outsource current production smoothly or develop an entirely new item from scratch. We handle all processes from initial design to the final product so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Our goal is delivering quality products at affordable prices.
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Royal Packaging

Location: Garden Grove, Southern California
Phone: 714-869-6105

We specialize in bags. We manufacture, buy domestic, and import.
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Sweet Leaf Packaging LLC

Location: Hemet, CA
Phone: 951-652-4202

Packaging supplies for Dispensaries and Collectives.
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Canyon Plastics

Location: Located in CA. Shipping Nation Wide
Phone: 661-257-4293 x21

Large Stocking Mfg. of Plastic Containers, Jars, Lids w Tamper Evident Seals. Custom Injection & Blow Molding for your unique and design packaging. Inventory Management with JIT delivery.
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Puff For Life

Location: Ocala, Florida
Phone: (352) 470-7352

We offer a large variety of wood art smoking accessories. Handcrafted wooden pipes, grinders, stash jars, alligator clips, bottles for oils, bowls, ashtrays and lighters, etc. We also offer advertising for cannabis related businesses.
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Best Bud Bags

Location: Washington, Oregon, California

Best Bud Bags began with the simple desire to create a professional, high-quality packaging solution for the cannabis industry. We saw the need for products that had the right combination of price, selection, technology, and service - we hope that we continue to fill that need with all of our clients, both old and new.
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The Kief Collection

Location: Online
Phone: 580-340-2484

We hand make and design Grinder Pucks that are used to help the user collect a TON kief. Grinder Pucks are a fun new twist on the kief collecting process!
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The Box Co-op

Location: San Diego, CA
Phone: 800-555-1778

We make custom printed boxes - and nothing but custom printed boxes. We've been making boxes for the cannabis industry for years. If you're looking to have your product stand out in a sea of me-too cannabis competitors, look at our printed boxes and counter displays for your edibles, butters and concentrates – you’re products will be noticed.
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Pretty Lethal Designs

Location: Chicago
Phone: 312-612-9678

Pretty Lethal Designs is a British-American branding studio with a focus on food, edibles, beverage & hospitality branding, food package & label design. We help cannabis businesses stand out from the crowd with strategic and beautiful brands and packaging designs.
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Great Pacific Packaging, Inc.

Location: Fife, WA
Phone: 253-926-3688

Great Pacific Packaging specializes in plastic bags. We offer stock and custom printed bags. Low minimums and quick turn around. Free samples upon request.
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Kaya Rolling Papers, Inc

Location: Long Beach CA
Phone: 5625463124

Our quality rolling paper packages the filter tips and the paper onto one box. Our product uses the finest ingredients giving them a slow and even burn that won't go out leading to the Ultimate smoking experience.
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420 Science Jars

Location: Online

For us, it's about the people. Our friends, partners, customers, competitors, and especially our co-workers. We love everyone on the 420 Science team and think of them as family. Their passion and creativity inspire us to keep launching fresh products and to have fun doing it.
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Clearpak Custom Packaging

Location: Grimsby, Ontario
Phone: 9056433593

We create attractive on-shelf graphics and presentation for products that require a strong image and presence in the retail environment. Clearpak Inc. has been serving the candle industry for over 20 years with containers that help our customers move these profitable products off the shelf. Our innovative packaging designs and high quality printing capability will ensure your brand stands out in the highly competitive wine and spirits market.
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McKernan Packaging Clearing House

Location: Reno, NV
Phone: 1-800-787-7587

For 57 years, McKernan has been dedicated to providing Quality Discount Packaging. McKernan began with buying and selling Surplus Packaging, but saw a need to add a complete line of Wholesale Packaging. Thus, their Continuous Line of quality packaging was born. This ever-growing line has over 1200 items with millions of packaging units in the warehouse…all ready to ship! McKernan offers a low-cost, low-lead time and high-quality solution to all of your packaging needs.
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Inkable Label Co.

Location: Online
Phone: 855 575 1765

At Inkable Label Co. we help your brand stand out with stunning custom labels using the latest offset and digital printing technologies. Choose from our standard and signature stocks and finishing options to create memorable and unique labels for your cannabis products.
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Sibannac Marketing Inc.

Location: Tampa, FL
Phone: 8133673500

Sibannacal Life is a Florida based lifestyle movement that focuses on the responsible usage of Medical and Recreational Marijuana. Sibannac (parent company) has also recently released its' first product line for the Recreational Market called, The Legendary Underground Game of Zonk. Sibannacal Life will also be hosting the "Welcome to the "NEW" Florida" Welcome Party" on the 12,000 sq. ft Coquina Lawn, at the MJ Spring Biz Conference in Orlando, this May.
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A&A Packaging

Location: Commerce, CA

At A&A Packaging, we offer a wide range of products for storing your prescriptions, medications, and pharmacy supplies offering easy open, pop top containers and child resistant caps, lids, and vials for pills, liquids, as well as miscellaneous other items such as prescription bags. Our medication containers come in a wide variety of colors for safe organization in households with more than one person taking medications or just for more personal preference options.
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Second Nature Agency

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Second Nature is a branding and packaging design agency for cannabis brands.
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Olshen's Bottle Supply Co.

Location: Portland, Oregon
Phone: 5032900000

As a manufacturer and distributor of glass and plastic packaging, we have access to the newest and most innovative packaging options for your business. From bottles to jars to pails, we can supply you with containers to help you go above and beyond your packaging needs.
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Ohlson Packaging

Location: Huntington Beach CA........Taunton MA
Phone: 702-287-3252

High speed weighing with precise accuracy. Our Multi head scales are accurate to .1 grams at 50 batches per minute on any target weight from 3 grams to 1 lb. our vertical baggers make reclosable bags with bar codes, product type, safety warning or anything you like. The printers are computer driven and store 100s of programs.
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Best Practices Packaging LLC

Location: Sarasota, Florida
Phone: 9074413333

We have talking packaging. ASTM certified child resistant bags for pharma use and cannabis containment.
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