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Washington Adopts New Cannabis Investment & Packaging Rules

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) adopted new interim policies on investment rules, edible packaging, and product labeling on December 12.

Board Interim Policy 06-2018 allows investors to put money immediately into their businesses, rather than wait for LCB approval, a process that sometimes takes up to 50 days. These flash investments are still subject to review and the LCB reserves the right to revoke licenses whose funding comes from unverifiable or questionable sources. Investors who are not listed on the license must continue to wait for their funding verification to be approved.

Responding to complaints from the public that cannabis edibles were too appealing to children — and to complaints from the industry that packaging approval process lacked transparency and was hard to understand — the LCB adopted Interim Rule BIP-10-2018 in an effort to “clarify the rules for licensees, protect the public, and to reduce risk of accidental exposure to marijuana infused edibles by youth and children.”

The new requirements are much more specific and drastically reduce the available color pallet and allowed shapes for edible manufactures. Clear windows, product pictures, and company logos are allowed. The new rules are in conjunction with the Board’s announcement they would be rescinding their ban on cannabis-infused candies and gummies in favor of more conservative packaging rules.

The LCB further clarified packaging and labeling rules via BIP-07-2018, which also prohibits the mention or depiction of alcohol.

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