Ooze Kettle Silicone Hybrid Bubbler/Dab Rig Review

The Ooze Kettle Silicone Glass Hybrid Bubbler/Dab Rig from OozeLife.com is a miniature bong/dab rig combo that works great as an all-rounder smoking apparatus for your home, office, or back porch — or really anywhere else.

The bubbler apparatus is comprised of a glass container wrapped in a durable, colored silicone casing that includes a stem for the bowl piece and a draw shaft for breathing.

The silicone doubles as both a comfortable grip for the piece and as protection for the glass interior. We still wouldn’t recommend dropping this piece on the ground, but we’d give it a significantly higher chance of survival than a traditional glass bong or dab rig. A wide base on the silicone attachment protects the bottom of the glass and provides a sturdy base when standing on a flat surface — the review team was especially excited upon realizing that the silicone base also functions as a suction cup, so if you press the bubbler onto a smooth, flat surface (like a glass table or glossy countertop) the piece will actually stick there. This makes it harder to tip over, even if someone bumps the table.

The review bubbler we received came with two bowl pieces: one for a classic bong experience and another to turn the piece into a dab rig — note, however, a dabbing tool does not come included. The stem holding the bowl piece, however, does have a unique and very handy magnetic strip that can hold your dabbing tool to the side of the silicone, which helps prevent your table getting sticky from any leftover concentrates.

The pipe itself works great. It may not be a massively customizable four-foot powerhouse of a bong but the silicone downstem contains several percolation holes and the bowl piece itself can be easily swapped out if you have a preferred size or look. At just a $50.00 price tag, the most one could expect is a high-quality and effective product that offers comfort, consistency, and longevity — and that’s exactly what you get!

Perhaps the best argument for the Kettle Silicone Hybrid piece, however, is that this miniature bong is an absolute breeze to clean. Nearly every part of this water pipe can be easily removed, cleaned individually, and (except for maybe the glass bowl piece and silicone downstem) is dishwasher-safe.

Visit the product listing on OozeLife.com to see the wide selection of available colors or to make a purchase today!

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