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Opinions & Editorials

Opinions & Editorials

Lately, the popular opinion on cannabis is that prohibition is a failed policy and it’s time for change. Here you will find original editorials on the subject from a variety of contributors. Want more cannabis news? Subscribe to our daily newsletter for regular updates!

Read our latest Opinions & Editorials articles below:

How to Find and Pitch Investors in the Cannabis Industry

Editor’s Note: Lately, we have been hearing from folks with start-up ideas all over the country, and they frequently ask us how […]

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Michigan Cannabis Cup Day 1: The Cannabis Market is Alive and Well

Growing up primarily on the East Coast, a Cannabis Cup is one of those events that you’d read about in […]

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DEA’s Cannabis Decision Flies in the Face of Science, Logic, and Compassion

By now, you’ve probably seen the news: the Drug Enforcement Administration has decided to keep cannabis — despite countless reports […]

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FDA Butting Heads With CBD Herbal Remedy Retailers: Time to Face Facts

Though THC — the cannabinoid most commonly associated with cannabis and which is largely responsible for the plant’s psychoactive effects […]

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The Top Five Safety Concerns in a Cannabis Extraction Facility

Cannabis extraction is a complex process, and could be considered dangerous without proper preparation. Considering the most important safety precautions for any extract […]

Stop Growing Cannabis Indoors

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Jeremy Moberg, and was edited and assembled by the Ganjapreneur editorial staff. Jeremy […]

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U.S. Opioid Overdoses at Record High: It’s Time to Wake Up

Most people today are likely aware of the fact that the United States is smack dab in the middle of a prescription painkiller overdose epidemic. Awareness, however, […]

Police Continue Issuing Unfounded Halloween Warnings About Cannabis Candies

It’s happening again. Earlier this month in Atlantic Beach, Florida, after a 33-year-old man was arrested for possessing marijuana-infused candies, police put […]

Brand Focus: The Consistency Factor, Ft. ebbu

As we mentioned in last week’s article featuring Jett, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos suggests that a brand is for a company like a […]

Brand Focus: What Makes a Legendary Cannabis Brand? Ft. Jett

Brands are not logos. Brands are not taglines or ad campaigns. Brands are not colors or fonts or products or […]

It’s Harvest Time: Loving the Outdoors

There is always a lot of energy in the air in northern California when the fall harvests start coming in, […]

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How to Build Your Marijuana Brand with Social Media Marketing – Part 1

The internet is the great equalizer. Today, an entrepreneur with a good idea and a lot of elbow grease can […]

Oregonian Editorial Board: Marijuana Market Shouldn’t Be Limited By Protectionism

The editorial board of the Oregonian has published an article arguing that new rules intended to keep pot revenue inside […]

Choosing the Right Personality for Your Business: A Case Study of Sacramento Cannabis Collectives

If you live in an area where medical marijuana storefront collectives are legal, then you probably know that if the […]


Four Good Budtender Habits that Improve the Customer Experience

Last week we highlighted your feedback on bad budtender traits that make you cringe, and many of you added further […]

Grow Tips: Are Your Stems and Leaves Turning Purple?

When plants lack phosphorus, purpling or reddening of the leaves and stems can occur. Signs usually begin in lower leaves […]

Medical Marijuana is Here to Stay: Five Reasons Why

Medical marijuana is old news in most of the United States. As we look forward at the continuing progress of […]

The Ideal Cannabis Business Plan

Whether you are starting up a company for the first time or you are a serial entrepreneur, someone in your […]


How Chris Christie’s Opinions About Marijuana Will Send His Presidential Prospects Up In Smoke

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was once considered to be a viable contender for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. Then […]

Bullish On Ganja: Our Trip to the Denver Cannabis Cup

There was a snow storm in Denver the night before we arrived. As a result, during our approach to the Denver International […]

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D.A.R.E. Falls for Fake Anti-Marijuana News Satire

D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) has demonstrated that there is such a lack of anti-cannabis information in the media these days, it’s easier […]

A Strategic Breakdown of Business Investment Tiers

If you’re looking to fund your cannabis startup or have an exciting new product that you’re sure is going to […]

Interview with Keith Stroup at Denver Cannabis Cup

The Ganjapreneur team had a great time at the High Times Denver Cannabis Cup for April 20th! We were amazed […]

Drug Cartels Funded Sex Parties for DEA Agents in Colombia, DOJ Reports

A new report from the Department of Justice has revealed that Drug Enforcement Agents posted in Colombia engaged in private sex […]

Finding Investors for Your Cannabusiness

Do you have an innovative new idea you’d like to get off the ground? Maybe you’ve thought of looking for […]

Five Ways Marijuana Legalization Has Improved Quality of Life

Marijuana legalization campaigners promised a lot — from collecting more taxes for budgets already starved for cash, to spending less […]

How to Brand Your Cannabusiness for Optimal Success

Bacardi Rum began in a tin roof distillery with bats in the rafters. Burt Shavitz, founder of the ubiquitous Burt’s […]

Investors Report: Cannabis Stock Taking a Dip In 2015

The Cannabis market is “off to a dull start” in 2015, says Alan Brochstein, founder and CFO of the marijuana […]

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The Advantages of Running a Business Blog

Until the federal government changes its marijuana policies, ganjapreneurs face particular challenges when it comes to branding and promoting their […]

2014 Was a Big Year for Ganjapreneur.com

Ganjapreneur is proud to say that we had a great year in 2014, and we immensely appreciate all of the enthusiasm […]

Four Methods for Growers to Lower Their Electricity Bills

A hot topic in the new marijuana mainstream is electricity use. Considering that four states and Washington D.C. have voted […]

The Evolution of Cannabusiness: Education Is Key

For years, marijuana growers, dispensaries and other businesses have spent much of their energy dodging legal inconsistencies in the system. […]

Five Methods of Dealing With Bad PR

Legal marijuana is a fast-growing and controversial sector of new business. Dispensaries have thousands of customers who buy their products […]

Examining Legal Marijuana’s DUI Landscape

Marijuana culture is changing rapidly in the United States. As more states decriminalize and even legalize marijuana use for medicinal […]

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Teen Marijuana Use Decreasing With Legalized Markets

The number one argument against marijuana legalization — that legalizing such a substance will ultimately result in more children being […]

An Alternative to the Cannabrand Controversy

Aquarius Cannabis has aims to instill an efficient, cohesive order of operations in an otherwise unorganized cannabis distributing industry via […]

Five Legal Tips for Ganjapreneurs

The marijuana landscape can be synonymous with a free-spirited sense of fun, but when it comes to the legal world, […]

Holder Signals Support for Marijuana Reclassification Before Stepping Down

US Attorney General Eric Holder, currently the highest-ranking law enforcement official in the country, has announced that he will soon be retiring. […]

Brief: Alaska Reporter Quits Job on Live TV to Pursue ‘Freedom and Fairness’ in Marijuana Law Reform

Alaska news channel KTVA experienced a shocking revelation last night on live television, when reporter Charlo Greene — after detailing a […]

Clean Green Pushes for Sustainable Cannabis Growing Practices

In the middle of the 20th century, the realization that human behavior had an effect on the environment began to […]

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