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According to Washington’s Liquor and Cannabis Board, legal sales in the state are over $4.2 million each day, up more than $400,000 a day from a month ago. The sales are worth $750,000 a day in tax revenues.

So far in 2016, nearly $973 million in cannabis has been sold, amounting to $185.8 million in tax revenues for the state.

The uptick in sales might be attributed to the LCB shutting down unlicensed dispensaries on July 1, as SB 5052 – which legalized cannabis for recreational use – took effect. July 1 also marked the beginning of the state’s fiscal year; more than $155 million in legal cannabis has already been sold at the start of the new year.

The LCB numbers show that flower is the most popular form purchased by consumers, with 791,226 units sold. More than 457,600 units of solid edibles were sold, along with more than 113,600 units of liquid edibles.

In Fiscal Year 2016, almost 28,000 pounds of flower was harvested in the state, and just more than 944,200 grams of extracts were produced. During the year, the LCB conducted nearly 2,000 compliance checks, of which just 57 failed the checks and 287 total violations were issued.

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