Vancouver, B.C. Police Apologize for Mistaken Warnings Over ‘Shatter’

Vancouver police found themselves backpedaling after they published a series of tweets regarding the horrors of “shatter,” a concentrated form of marijuana. The B.C. force appears not to have been aware that shatter, also known as “wax” or “dabs,” wasn’t a drug other than cannabis.

One tweet read:

“Parents!!!! Please educate your children on the dangers of ‘Shatter’. We cannot lose any more young people to senseless overdoses.”

Another, with an attached photo, claimed that shatter “can cause temporary psychosis. Looks like toffee. This was seized in a traffic stop tonight. BEWARE.”

Fortunately, the police released another tweet noting that they were mistaken:

While well-intentioned, our tweets about #Shatter weren’t accurate & have been deleted. Our apologies. We will do better in future.”

Police in Illinois also recently (and mistakenly) warned that shatter could cause “hallucinations and other types of psychosis.”

Perry Kendall, a B.C. health official, noted that while it “could make you very stoned,” there’s no evidence that you could die from an overdose.

Some note, however, that the production process, if done in a home setting, can lead to explosions. Speaking with VICE News, Kevin Fisher, a Colorado dispensary owner, said that “if you do it in industrial setting, you can do it perfectly safely. It’s about moving it from the black market to the regulated white market to do it.”


Photo Credit: Jay Siggers

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