Unilever Announces CBD-Infused Deodorant Product Line

International consumer goods giant Unilever will push CBD-infused deodorant products to store shelves under its brand Schmidt’s Naturals later this year.

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Unilever is set to introduce CBD-infused deodorant products later this year under its brand Schmidt’s Naturals, according to a Bloomberg report. Unilever added Schmidt’s to its 400-strong brands in 2017.

Schmidt’s Naturals CEO Michael Cammarata told Bloomberg that he believes CBD “is probably the most powerful ingredient that we’re going to see over the next decade in the personal care market.”

Unilever’s holdings include personal care and beauty products, cleaning agents, and foods and beverages. Schmidt’s does operate independently but Cammarata said the parent company was “definitely part of the [decision-making] process” to market the CBD-infused products.

The deodorant will be sold at Target beginning in September, the report says. Cammarata indicated that CBD-infused deodorants help fight odor and its anti-inflammatory properties helps soothe irritation from shaving.

Unilever did not comment on the report; however, if Schmidt’s deodorants are a success, it is possible that the company could add CBD to many of its other beauty and personal care brands.

Following last year’s legalization of industrial hemp, hemp-derived CBD products are fully expected to permeate the personal care products industry. Already, CVS and Walgreens have pushed CBD products to store shelves in multiple states.

FDA regulations are still awaited, however, for CBD-infused food and beverages; the federal agency has announced a hearing for next month where it will receive public input on the creation of said rules.


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