Plant grown by a licensed marijuana cultivator in Washington state.

Licensed Canadian MMJ Producer Issues Recall Over Products With Banned Pesticides

Oregon's state capitol building, pictured on a sunny winter day.

Strict Testing Requirements Likely to Cost Oregon $10M in Cannabis Tax Revenue, Close Businesses

An indoor marijuana grow operation.

Oregon Health Authority Issues Alert for 3 More Strains

Tall indoor cannabis plants in a Colorado legal grow room.

Oregon Health Authority Issues High Alert over Pesticide-Tainted Cannabis

Flowering cannabis plant in an indoor grow operation.

Steep Hill Report Finds 84% of Cannabis Tainted with Pesticides

Cannabis leaf under the glow of indoor LED grow lights.

Washington State Officials Expand Testing Program

Popular Pesticide’s Ban in Washington Made ‘In Error’

Washington LCB Adds New Disallowed Pesticide Products

Oregon Recalls Two Plant Cleaner Products Popular Among Cannabis Growers

Washington LCB Adopts Emergency Rules on Pesticide Levels, Tax Payments & Product Recalls

LCB Work Group to Tackle Pesticide Regulations, Lab Proficiency Standards

Denver Issues 13th Cannabis Product Recall In 13 Weeks

Colorado Company EdiPure Recalls 7,700 Cannabis Edibles Over Pesticide Concerns

Dr. Donald Land: Testing Commercial Cannabis for Pesticides



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