Top products on display from the Washington-based edibles producer The Goodship Company.

The Goodship Company: Getting Aboard with Normalization

Some say they’re just getting high when they consume cannabis, others have begun to say they’re “aboard the Goodship” — this is the basis of The Goodship Company‘s unique brand.

The Goodship Company was founded in 2014 after adult use legalization was passed in Washington state; the company is based out of the SoDo district in Seattle, Washington. Jody Hall, the company’s owner, decided to pursue this venture because she wanted to normalize the idea of responsible adult cannabis consumption. However, the advantage of some incredibly relevant work experience helped her down this path.

Trays of infused Goodship treats partway through their creation process.

Hall is also the owner of Seattle’s most acclaimed cupcake bakeries and cafes, Cupcake Royale, which originated in Seattle’s Capitol Hill district. (For anyone unfamiliar with Cupcake Royale, picture a cupcake cafe serving the cupcakes that you see on Cupcake Wars — but they were established long before Cupcake Wars even existed). This became a household name for cupcakes for anyone who lived in the Seattle area and was Hall’s first foray into the creation of delectable edibles.

Infused chocolate squares from The Goodship Company.
Close-up of some of those Goodship chocolate squares.

The Goodship Company’s edible line consists of baked goods like Double Fudge Brownies with THC and CBD, Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt, Snickerdoodle Cookies, Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies, two types of chocolate bars, and a line of Pastilles that come in Peppermint, Lemon-Lime and Tart Cherry flavors. The best part about Hall’s products, however, is that she has focused her branding on educating customers about edible dosages. She made it her mission to teach customers through packaging and print materials about the effects of ingesting cannabis.

Product packaging plays a significant role in the success of The Goodship Company, where branding efforts are focused on education and responsible dosing.

“It’s been the hardest, most grinding work,” Hall said. “But we want to stand for something greater than just an edible pot company.”

Hall is passionate about being on the forefront of the cannabis industry because she wants to help build a community that will break down the stigmas associated with the plant. “We’re building a scale of assorted products that encourage micro-dosing options with various techniques and tastes,” she said.

The chocolate squares have cooled and it’s time to move them on towards the next stage, which is packaging the product.

Moving further back in her past, Hall essentially grew up at Starbucks Coffee — but before the company had become the international powerhouse that it is now. She worked there for about 11 years and during that time she learned many things about running a business and marketing products, which she has applied to both of her businesses. It’s about “giving back to your community,” “taking care of your employees,” “doing good things,” and “using your superpower for good,” Hall explained.

And — with those ideals close to heart — Hall has really taken that message and ran with it. With Goodship, she has invested her time and expertise in building a solid brand that she is proud of and that is attractive to larger demographics than just the typical cannabis consumer. She has focused her mission on creating content that is attractive and educational while building an experience through community gathering and music events.

The Goodship Company’s product branding matters almost as much to the company as the products themselves, and has been carefully strategized to improve the user experience.

She has honed The Goodship Company into an interactive brand by hosting various community events in Seattle. The “Higher Education Series” is a partnership event best characterized as “a heady lecture series.” At these events, they don’t discuss cannabis issues — Hall calls that a “pot past approach.” Instead, they’re looking to encourage intellectual conversation on topics with lofty ideas.

“We want to talk about mind-blowing topics that spark imagination,” said Hall. “But we always want to make sure there is a little bit of hope.”

Rather than talking about the reality of climate change, they have talked about fake news, extraterrestrial life, monogamy, drug policy and criminal justice, and other “heady” topics. The point of these events is for people to attend — preferably while “aboard the Goodship” — and talk about issues that really make you critically think.

The Goodship brand’s unique approach to doing business in the cannabis industry has definitely created a special niche.

The Goodship Company is more than just an edibles producer — it’s a company that is passionate about normalizing adult cannabis use through human connections. They’ve brought their brand’s message to a whole new level and it’s safe to say they’re making positive advances throughout Washington and truly represent the cannabis community’s best interests.

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