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A new poll of expected general election voters in Michigan shows that 56.2 percent support Michigan’s upcoming ballot measure to legalize adult-use cannabisClickOnDetroit reports.

The poll, conducted by Glengariff Group, Inc., surveyed 600 likely general election voters in the state by live telephone operators during September 5-7. The poll found that 56.2 percent of those surveyed were in favor of cannabis legalization, 38 percent were opposed, and only 5.8 percent of voters were undecided.

In an interesting turn, the poll did not find that opposition was tied to any specific political party. While those that lean strongly or slightly towards the Democratic party were the strongest supporters of the measure, it was a nearly even split between proponents and opponents across the Republican party spectrum and for independents.

The only demographic that showed strong opposition to the measure, in fact, was an age-based demographic: those 65 and older. Even the 65+ category, however, showed only 55.7 percent opposing while 37.1 percent supported the measure. The strongest supporters, unsurprisingly, were the 18-29 demographic. That demographic showed 71.1 percent supporting with just 24.3 percent opposing.

The measure in question was formally added to the ballot after lawmakers in June missed the deadline to act on the proposal, causing an automatic approval. Voters will now decide whether or not Michigan will be the next state to legalize adult-use cannabis on November 6th.

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