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Nevada Investigates Cannabis Testing Labs After Failed Product Tests

Nevada’s Department of Taxation has launched an investigation into cannabis testing laboratories due to multiple failed yeast and mold checks and accusations of inflated cannabinoid content.

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The Nevada Department of Taxation on Tuesday issued a health advisory for four cannabis strains sold at four dispensaries for failed yeast and mold tests, while one strain failed for aspergillus, coliforms, and bile tolerant gram-negative bacteria.

The affected batches include strains Gelato #41, Northern Lights Blue Flower, Funky Malawi, and BWID sold at Acres Medical, LLC, D.H. Flamingo, Inc, Naturex II, LLC, and Desert Aire Wellness, LLC.

The strains were cultivated by D.H. Aldebaran Inc., and Natural Caregivers, LLC and was harvested between May and July. There have been no reports of illness related to the products.

Officials told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that there was “no reason to believe that the dispensaries or cultivators had any knowledge that the products exceeded allowable limits.”

The advisory comes as health officials are investigating cannabis being sold in the state that exceeds THC limits and whether THC levels are being doctored to make products appear more potent.

The failed product tests and potential inflation has caused the agency to launch an investigation into cannabis testing laboratories. Department of Taxation spokeswoman Eden Larson told the Journal that the department will investigate “the integrity of cannabis lab testing.”

The health advisory is the second issued by the state in the past month.


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