A lone billboard stands silhouetted against a California horizon.


MedMen Launches ‘Faces’ Cannabis Ad Campaign in California

MedMen, producers of cannabis products in two states, are rolling out an advertising campaign in California called “Faces” which will feature close-ups of customers’ faces with phrases such as “Relax. It’s legal,” and “Heal. It’s legal,” CNBC reports.

Daniel Yi, MedMen president of corporate communications, called the campaign, which will feature billboards and truck advertising, the “largest marijuana marketing campaign in history.”

“This is not about marijuana. This is about the people who use cannabis for all the reasons people have used cannabis for hundreds of years. Yes for recreation, just like alcohol, but also for wellness.” – Yi to CNBC

MedMed operates six shops in southern California and three in New York, offering more than 1,000 products. Yi says many of those products, such as skincare products and CBD bath bombs and teas, “have nothing to do with getting high.”

According to Yi, the company has, so far, spent $500,000 on marketing, including digital and print ads and has bought space on billboards near the famous Whisky a Go Go nightclub on Sunset Boulevard.

California’s Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation has banned cannabis-related advertising from ferries crossing the San Francisco Bay, buses using the Golden Gate Bridge, and from ferry terminals and kiosks. The recreational use law includes its own strict advertising limits.


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