The Massachusetts Statehouse building in Boston, Massachusetts.


Massachusetts‘ Cannabis Control Commission has approved a social-use policy that will allow cannabis to be consumed on premises in so-called “cannabis cafés,” WBUR News reports. Under the rules, budtenders will need to undergo training to identify whether a patron should be cut off and alcohol will not be served at the cafés.

“I think that with cannabis use, having been so underground as part of prohibition, it was something that had to be kept secret and as a result, there wasn’t as much opportunity for education and awareness and the sharing of information about responsible use, so that’s the part I’m excited about.” – CCC Commissioner Shaleen Title.

The social-use licenses will extend to other businesses, such as spas, although the commission will discuss additional policies and is expected to vote on draft regulations by the end of next week.

Cannabis Advisory Board Member Michael Latulippe called the measure “transformative.”

“I think we’ll be the first state in the country to offer this, so essentially we will have in place a regulated, safe and controlled system by which to consume cannabis on site and legal businesses.” – Latulippe

The state’s cannabis regulations must be approved by mid-March in order for the industry to roll out on July 1.

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