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German Doctor Enters Hunger Strike in Protest of Nation’s ‘Bureaucratic’ MMJ Laws

The chairman of the German Association for Cannabis as Medicine, Dr. Franjo Grotenherman, has entered an “indefinite” hunger strike until Germany “decriminalize all citizens who need cannabis to treat their serious diseases,” according to a press release from Grotenherman published by

In the release, the long-time cannabis activist called Germany’s medical cannabis law “too bureaucratic” and said it makes treatment with medical cannabis “unattractive for doctors who in principle support such therapy.”

“The legislature has taken a great step into the right direction,” Grotenhermen said in a statement. “However, many patients are still dependent on a still as illegal regarded treatment. They face criminal sanctions. This is no longer acceptable. Therefore a basic clarification in the narcotics law must be established. The prosecution of patients to whom a doctor has certified the need for a therapy with cannabis must end.”

Further, Grotenherman argues that “the need for cannabis therapy should not be judged by the judiciary, a government agency or a health insurance company,” rather the decision should be between a patient and their physician.

“I am not aware of a convincing argument by which patients’ prosecution can be maintained,” Grotenhermen said. “A corresponding amendment to the Narcotics Act is, therefore, logical and unavoidable.”

Grotenherman has launched a website that includes background on the German laws and further explanation of his hunger strike.

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