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In June, edibles and concentrates became legal to sell to recreational cannabis customers in Oregon, and during that first month the products made up nearly a quarter of the state’s cannabis sales, according to a report by BDS Analytics, outlined by Willamette Week. The analysts said the introduction of the products into the market represent a dramatic shift in recreational market trends.  

According to the analysis, the $15.4 million in flower sales represented 62 percent of the state’s cannabis sales in June — down 23 percent from May. Concentrates comprised 17.3 percent of sales and garnered $4.3 million, while edibles ($1.6 million) represented 6.4 percent of sales in the month, during which overall sales reached $24.9 million.

Prefilled concentrate cartridges made up the lion’s share of concentrate sales with $2.3 million in sales, and candies ($600,000) outsold chocolates ($500,000) and infused foods ($200,000).

“Over Washington’s two years of legal adult-use sales, flower’s share declined from 87 percent to 61 percent,” the report states. “Oregon’s flower dropped immediately to a level that Washington and Colorado took more than a year-and-a-half of steadily increasing concentrates and edibles to reach.”

During the month, pre-rolled joint sales also fell from their 10 percent market share to 7 percent.

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