Cannabolish Odor Eliminating Candle & Sprays

Cannabolish crafts a line of sleek cannabis odor removal candles and sprays made using only natural plant oils and water.

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Cannabolish‘s parent company, OMI Industries, is no stranger to the cannabis industry. In fact, the chemist who developed these products has made other cannabis smell absorbing products for OMI Industries including ECOSORB CNB 100 which is commonly used in grow rooms. Cannabolish candles and sprays aren’t like all of the other aromatic candles found at the store, they use eco-friendly ingredients to destroy odor molecules, not just cover them up.

There are some very positive points to note about Cannabolish, including the fact that these products are safe for the earth. Many smell absorbent products use harsh volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals, but Cannabolish doesn’t. These products are completely natural. On top of that, the packaging and design of the sprays and candles fit nicely into a home with a modern design. The candles are green votives with chestnut-colored labels and lids. The sprays match that scheme with green opaque glass bottles and brown paper labels. But the real magic is what happens when Cannabolish meets cannabis odor molecules. 

The chemist behind the product, Dr. Laura Haupert, explained how the spray works in a recent Forbes article with Warren Bobrow: the odor molecule is adsorbed first when it meets Cannabolish. Adsorption is the same process as when a dye takes to a piece of cloth. Then, the molecule is absorbed into the Cannabolish droplets in the air and, in this phase, the ambiance odor is considered controlled. 

After a month of using the Cannabolish line, we can definitely agree that the product works. The aroma of the candle emanating in the room is fresh and minty with a bit of earthiness, a very pleasant smell even if you’re not trying to cover up the remnants of a good sesh. The candle is a great thing to leave behind for a bit after lighting up a joint. 

As for the sprays, the scent of the mist definitely neutralizes the cannabis aroma. The smaller sized bottle is a great option to keep in the car. I pulled over and toked a little bit of a joint an hour or so before picking up a couple of people that I carpool with. After smoking and before picking them up I spritzed the car with Cannabolish. Once I picked them up nobody said anything about the skunk smell, so I asked if they could smell anything. The answer? Not even a little bit. Based on a month of using the Cannabolish suite of products, experience shows that they really do work. 

The Cannabolish product line is beautiful to look at and since it actually works, Ganjapreneur would recommend the candle and the spray for any cannabis consumer who is looking to stay aromatically under the radar.

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